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As the television sits at the centre of most living rooms, so too does the TV stand. For that reason you should take the time to find a TV stand that has the aesthetic appeal and character your focal point deserves. A TV stand must also be durable, and strong enough to support your television, media box, DVD player and any other accessory you may have. It may sound as though such a beautiful, useable and characterful TV stand could not possibly exist, but reclaimed wood TV stands tick all these boxes and more. Using a bit of creative ingenuity, old material can be remade into something fresh and fabulous, to stand proudly in the centre of your living room. Find a diverse selection of reclaimed wood TV stands at Vinterior today for further inspiration.

Why choose a reclaimed wood TV stand?

A reclaimed wood TV stand can be made in any shade, size or style you could possibly wish for, due to the variety of woods used in the construction of reclaimed wooden furniture. Pine is a popular material for TV stands because it works well in light, elegant interiors. Alternatively, oak is a richer material which goes well in grander surroundings – perhaps even designs with a late 19th century feel. If you want to embrace a more rustic style in your home, a wooden TV stand made from salvaged wood is the perfect addition.

Explore our listings and you will find a number of different designs, including TV stands with in-built drawers for additional storage space, and simple table-top stands on slender hairpin legs. You may even find quirkier designs with galvanised scaffolding legs, if you crave the industrial style.

One thing that links all reclaimed wood TV stands, however, is that no two pieces will ever be alike. As the wood used in each individual stand is sourced from a variety of places and has weathered in different ways, the character and history of each individual stand is what makes it an eye-catching addition to the home and a guaranteed conversation starter.

As well as its own story, the wood in a reclaimed wood TV stand will have proven durability. The carpenters and craftspeople who sell their unique products here on our online marketplace source only the strongest wood in the best condition to ensure a sturdy end result. If your new TV stand has held up a church roof for sixty years, it will be able to handle your 50-inch screen and DVD collection.

Recycling wood in this way also represents a more sustainable approach to furnishing a home, prevents unnecessary waste or use of precious natural resources.

Reclaimed wood TV stands: why shop at Vinterior?

Vinterior is your one-stop-shop for all your furniture needs. As the biggest furniture retailer on the market, we have a reputation for providing only the finest quality products, with plenty of character. We sell TV stands from a range of eras, and in a variety of styles, from mid century retro chic, to a more contemporary and sleek design. Despite the size of our collection, we are highly selective about who we work with, meaning you will only find items from the most reputable traders, designers and brands on our site.

Explore Vinterior now to see our amazing range of reclaimed wood TV stands for yourself. You won't regret it.