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A headboard is the showpiece of any bed; the final touch that gives the whole bed its style. Whether its intricate and elegant, or a minimalist, no nonsense square of wood, the headboard needs to be a strong, durable and attractive addition to the bed. While the rest of the bed base or frame is undoubtedly important to the aesthetic of your room, the addition of a duvet, cushions and perhaps even a woolly throw will take much of the emphasis away from the bed itself. But the headboard is always on show, which is why it must work with the surrounding bedroom decor to create an aesthetic that speaks to your character. Reclaimed wood headboards offer an unusual and eye-catching solution if you are looking to make your bedroom a truly impactful and characterful space. Using imagination and resourcefulness, many of the independent furniture makers and artisan craftspeople you will find here at Vinterior are skilled at creating one-of-a-kind headboards in a range of styles from an array of salvaged wood pieces. Explore the collection of reclaimed wood headboards at Vinterior today.

Why choose a reclaimed wood headboard?

“Reclaimed wood” refers to any wood that has not been sourced from a newly felled tree, meaning that a vast range of woods with their own particular appeal, such as oak, beech, cedar and pine, can be used to create headboards in a variety of styles. Anything from rustic single bed headboards, to elegantly engraved French contemporary models for double beds, can be made from reclaimed wood; the only limit being the imagination of the craftsperson.

Reclaimed wood is also one of the most reliable materials a headboard can be made from. Given that many pieces of reclaimed wood have been building joists, railway sleepers or even solid wood doors in a previous life, you can be confident that a reclaimed wood headboard is going to be strong, durable and certainly easy on the eye.

For environmentally conscious households, it is also worth noting that reclaimed wood furniture represents a sustainable alternative to buying new pieces from your local high street. By using wood that would otherwise have gone to waste, you are also helping to avoid the felling of new trees. Who knew something as simple as a headboard could make you home a greener place to live?

The main draw of reclaimed wood headboards, however, is the unique character of every piece. The wood used can be reclaimed from shipping vessels, containers, building sites, old furniture, and all manner of other sources. And it is that history that adds an unmistakeable character to the wood that eventually becomes your headboard. If the wood used was sourced from a town hall floor, for example, you might be able to see that in the form of fifty-year-old shoe scuffs. These charming touches are what makes reclaimed wood headboards so enchanting.

Reclaimed wood headboards: why shop at Vinterior?

At Vinterior, we are passionate about all types of furniture, as long as it is bursting with character. In our collection you will find everything from brand new reclaimed wood headboards, to older pieces from decades gone by. Every taste and requirement is catered for, and whatever style or size headboard you choose, you can rest assured that it will be of the highest quality.

Despite the size of our range, we make sure only to work with the best traders, designers and brands in the business, so that all our customers are happy with their purchase. Explore our collection now and find inspiration for your bedroom.