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We all want a dining table that will act as a beautiful centrepiece to our dining space. Whether you want something small and intimate, grand and elegant, or quirky and eye-catching, a dining table should be full of personality, complementing the surrounding decor of your dining room or kitchen to create a single, coherent aesthetic. Reclaimed wood dining tables fulfil all this criteria and much more. With a bit of creativity and repurposing ingenuity, previously unwanted wood can be used to create beautiful, durable dining tables to fill your home with character and unique charm. And now a wide and varied collection is available in a single place. Explore the Vinterior collection of reclaimed wood dining tables today and prepare to be inspired.

Why choose a reclaimed wood dining table?

Reclaimed wood can be defined as any wood that has not been sourced from a newly felled tree. The most commonly reclaimed woods that we see used in the construction of furniture here at Vinterior are oak, cedar, pine and beech. All of these have a very different look, making reclaimed wood dining tables extremely diverse.

Craftsmen and women who use reclaimed wood can create dining tables in any aesthetic from rustic farmhouse to Scandinavian industrial, depending on the type of wood, the treatment used and the accompanying materials they draw on. By its nature reclaimed wood has had a previous incarnation, so every reclaimed wood dining table has its own unique story to tell. Wood can be reclaimed from condemned buildings, old pieces of furniture, and even ships. Wood has even been reclaimed from the beams and pews of old churches. Imagine having a dining table that was once part of a ceiling thousands of people prayed to over hundreds of years. That kind of history makes for a truly unique piece of furniture.

Perhaps most importantly, reclaimed wood dining tables are made from some for the strongest wood available. Only the best quality timber is sourced, having proved its durability in its previous incarnation supporting a roof or similar. A table made from reclaimed wood will therefore be more than capable of supporting the weight of the dishes, pans and glassware you are likely to place on it during a dinner party.

One of the additional attractions of reclaimed wood dining tables is that they are highly sustainable, having been made from materials that would otherwise have gone to waste.

Reclaimed wood dining tables: why shop at Vinterior?

Vinterior is a leading online furniture marketplace, specialising in beautiful, expertly crafted heritage and artisan furniture. In our collection of reclaimed wood dining tables you will find everything from industrial, steel framed items to grand tables that look as though they have come straight from the Tudor court. Every piece is unique, but the one thing that links them is their quality. While our collection is large, we are highly selective about the pieces we include in our listings; dealing only with trusted sellers, brands and designers.

So, what are you waiting for? Get browsing through the Vinterior collection of reclaimed wood dining tables today, whether you're actively seeking a particular piece, or simply looking for some inspiration. There is sure to be something that would be perfect for your home.