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When it comes to the dining room, the ideal look has historically been one of formality and traditional luxury. The dining room is used for special occasions after all, from dinner parties to Christmas lunch, but that doesn't necessarily mean the dining room should be a formal, stuffy space. If you want something a little different in your interior, however, a reclaimed dining table and benches could be the perfect way to create a more informal, intimate and unique environment, but one which still feels special and full of character. Just as attractive and durable as any other dining set, a reclaimed wood dining table and benches would be perfect for a more relaxed dining experience. A reclaimed wood dining table and benches could bring even more charm and character to the dining room. With a bit of imagination, you can incorporate stunning, practical pieces of furniture, bursting with personality, for any style of dining space. Find a stunning collection of reclaimed wood dining tables and benches at Vinterior today for further inspiration.

Why choose a reclaimed wood dining table and benches?

You might suppose that a reclaimed wood dining table with benches might be best suited to an industrial style dining area, or perhaps a rustic, country farmhouse aesthetic. While a dining table and benches would work beautifully alongside these design choices, the sheer range of reclaimed wood that furniture can be made from means that all tastes and requirements can be catered for.

Any wood that has not been sourced from a newly felled tree can be considered to be reclaimed wood, with the most common types used for making dining tables and benches being pine, oak, beech and cedar. Each of these woods creates its own unique effect, meaning bright, elegant interiors can find space for a reclaimed wood dining table and benches, just as easily as more informal spaces. The limits of what reclaimed wood can create depends only on the creative ingenuity of the craftsman.

Reclaimed wood is just as practical as it is attractive. The dining tables and benches created from it are typically hardwearing, having previously been used as joists, floorboards and the like. This ensures the table and benches are of the highest quality, and more than fit for purpose. Recycling wood in this way is also one of the most eco-friendly ways to create furniture, as it prevents the wood from going to waste, and saves trees from being unnecessarily felled. The wood also undergoes very little treatment, to ensure the character of the material is kept in place.

This unique character is the most appealing thing about reclaimed wood dining tables and benches. The wood could have been sourced from all manner of places – from condemned buildings to shipping panels – and this history will be written across the surface of the furniture. For example, if your table and benches were sourced from the doors of an Edwardian house, this will be evident in the form of scars and engravings. No table or bench made from newly sourced materials can compare to this kind of charm.

Reclaimed wood dining table and benches: why shop at Vinterior?

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