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A desk is a place to withdraw from the world; to work, to write, to draw, to accomplish whatever it is you need to accomplish on a certain day. The perfect desk is attractive, strong, and above all, full of character. Working or creating at a desk that has no personality makes the task ten times harder. You need a desk that you want to sit down at every morning, and that helps to create an inspiring office environment. Reclaimed wood desks are the charming, gorgeous desks you've been searching for. With reclaimed wood you can guarantee that your desk will be beautiful, durable and unique. Explore the diverse collection of reclaimed wood desks at Vinterior today, and prepare to be inspired.

Why choose a reclaimed wood desk?

Any wood that has not been sourced from a newly felled tree is classed as reclaimed wood. This makes reclaimed wood furniture very diverse, with beech, oak, pine and cedar being the most commonly used materials. Using these woods, many types of desk can be created, from small, elegant art deco models, to large dramatic industrial pieces; all thanks to the creative ingenuity of the manufacturer.

The main appeal of reclaimed wood desks is the previous incarnation of their material. Every reclaimed wood desk has its own story to tell. Wood is commonly reclaimed from construction sites and condemned buildings, containers, ships, and, of course, old furniture. The history of the various components is evident in every desk in the Vinterior collection – whether through engravings, style or scars. This history is what makes every reclaimed wood desk unique. Your desk could have been part of a ship that thousands of people sailed on, or a school where generations of children grew up. Newly made furniture cannot compete with such a rich history.

Reclaimed wood desks are appealing on a more practical level as well. Only the strongest, best quality wood is sourced for their construction; wood which has proven its durability through years holding up a wall, or supporting a floor. Investing in reclaimed furniture is also one of the most sustainable ways to furnish your home. Typically, reclaimed wood undergoes very little treatment, as the various marks, wood colour and general lack of polish is what makes it so attractive. This means that buying a reclaimed wood desk is much better for the environment than purchasing something made from newly sourced materials.

If you love the shabby chic or rustic look and want to incorporate a bit of these vibes in your home office, there are some stunning reclaimed desks in a range of woods and colours right here at Vinterior. Depending on the look you are trying to achieve, look for pieces with slender and delicate hairpin legs, or else you’ll regularly find desks with chunky graded steel legs for a bolder finish.

Reclaimed wood desks: why shop at Vinterior?

Vinterior is the largest distributor of furniture on the Internet, and over the years we have earned a reputation for dealing only in premium furniture solutions. In our collection you will find everything from new pieces made from reclaimed materials, to original items from Victorian times. Every item we sell is beautiful, useable and characterful, whether it's one year old or one century old. Despite the size of our range, we are highly selective about who we trade with; dealing only with the most reputable traders, designers and brands. When you shop with Vinterior, you know you are dealing with the professionals.

Find our astounding collection of reclaimed wood desks here at Vinterior today. Every piece is one-of-a-kind, so you're sure to find the perfect item for your home, whatever your taste and requirements.