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Many of us spend our days looking forward to the moment when we can finally sink into a warm, comfortable bed. A bed is one of the key items of furniture for the home, and should be a strong, durable and attractive centrepiece for the bedroom. You want a bed to be your own personal oasis, full of character and charm that speaks to your tastes and requirements. Reclaimed wood beds offer this charm in spades. Using responsibly sourced materials and a bit of creative ingenuity, reclaimed wood can be used to create a beautiful bed, bursting with personality, that will last you for many years to come. And now a wide range of reclaimed wood beds are available on a single website, saving you time and effort. Explore the stunning range of reclaimed wood beds available here at Vinterior.

Why choose a reclaimed wood bed?

The wood used in the construction of reclaimed wood beds is all of the highest quality. Beech, cedar, oak and pine are the most commonly used materials. Even using the same wood, reclaimed wood beds can show a variety of different styles. In the Vinterior range you will find everything from rustic cabin style beds, to more refined platform beds, suited to a more elegant bedroom interior. The only limit to what kind of bed can be made from reclaimed wood is the imagination of the craftsman.

Every bed is completely unique as the wood used in these pieces of furniture can be taken from a broad range of different sources – including building sites and even old wooden ships. Every piece will therefore have its own character and history. Your bed could be made from the wood of a Victorian dining table, or the beam of a centuries old ceiling. In most cases the marks and scars of the bed's former life will be left intact, so you can see that history for yourself.

Manufacturers of reclaimed furniture only choose the strongest, most durable wood for their creations. This means that even if your bed is sourced from wood that is decades old, you can rest easy in the knowledge that it is more than capable of supporting you as you sleep. Reclaimed wood is also one of the most sustainable ways to build furniture, as no new trees have been felled. A quick sand and polish is all that is required to make most reclaimed wood beds fit for purpose.

Reclaimed wood beds: why shop at Vinterior?

Vinterior deals only with the best: the best furniture, the best designers, and the best brands. Despite the size of our collection, every piece is of the highest quality, due to how selective we are about who we deal with. We are the largest heritage and artisan furniture marketplace online, and we love to help you fill your home with beautiful, characterful furniture. In fact, we have garnered a reputation for excellence. In our collection you will find furniture from every aesthetic (from art deco to mid century chic), and every era (from one hundred years ago, all the way up to the latest ranges). The things that all our items have in common are quality and personality.

Visit Vinterior today to see our astounding collection of reclaimed wood beds, and find some inspiration for your interior.