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There was a time when interior design trended towards the pristine. Neutral colours and untouched surfaces were all the rage, and while there is much to be said for that aesthetic, without a creative touch or two it can come to look a bit soulless. Thankfully fashions have moved on, and the interiors of our homes have become more diverse. Now designers are clamouring to cater to all manner of tastes, from industrial kitchens to bohemian jewel-tone living rooms. Everyone is looking for furniture and materials that are full of charm and personality. Reclaimed scaffold boards are an unusual but effective option for those looking to add charm and style to their interiors. Through the creativity of a few talented manufacturers, you could have a charming piece of furniture made from reclaimed scaffolding, whether a dining table or a bookshelf, to fill your home with one-of-a-kind character. Visit Vinterior today to find a stunning collection of furniture made from reclaimed scaffold boards.

Why choose reclaimed scaffolding boards?

Scaffolding boards can be used to create a wide range of beautiful furniture, with a bit of creativity and ingenuity. In the Vinterior collection you will find everything from coffee tables to clothes rails, each one sanded back to a smooth finish, stained and varnished to create a unique and highly useable piece of quality furniture.

The main appeal of using reclaimed scaffolding boards as a construction material is the individual nature of every piece you choose. From a single building site you could create fifty dining tables, and every one would bear different marks and scars, and therefore tell its own story. This unrefined nature means that reclaimed scaffold board furniture is better suited to less immaculate design aesthetics, such as industrialism and Scandinavian minimalism; though that is not to say it cannot be incorporated into a range of different settings, with a bit of creative cunning. Whatever your personal tastes, by buying from the Vinterior range you will be filling your home with history, and a truly distinctive and attractive piece of furniture.

Using reclaimed scaffold boards in this way is also highly sustainable. Wood which has proven its durable nature and suitability for furniture making would otherwise have gone to waste if it had not been repurposed in this way. The process of converting reclaimed scaffold boards into a table or shelving is much more sustainable than the process of producing entirely new pieces of furniture. Who knew that buying a new bedside table could make your home a greener place to live?

Reclaimed scaffold boards: why shop at Vinterior?

As one of the biggest furniture marketplaces on the web, we have garnered a reputation for providing premium furniture solutions. We do not specialise in a specific era or aesthetic, but in character and quality. Despite the size of our collection, we are highly selective about who we trade with; dealing only with reputable traders, designers and brands. You will find furniture from last week and furniture from a century ago on our website, some will be shabby chic, others sharp and crisp examples of modernism, but every one will have its own story, beauty and charm.

Browse through the Vinterior collection of reclaimed scaffold board furniture today and see our stunning, diverse range for yourself. Whether you're on the hunt for a specific item, or simply looking for some inspiration, you're sure to find the perfect item for your home on our website.