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When we think about lighting, we tend to think of the effect it will have on a particular room, rather than the fitting itself. While first and foremost a light fitting is a practical thing, it should also be a beautiful design statement, bestowing beauty and character onto a space as well as illumination. The right lighting can pull a whole room together into a single coherent aesthetic. Reclaimed industrial lighting is a fabulous and very effective way to bring some extra character to a room. With a bit of creative ingenuity, you can incorporate a reclaimed industrial light into your kitchen, bathroom or living room to stunning effect. Explore Vinterior today to see our stunning collection of reclaimed industrial lighting.

Why choose reclaimed industrial lighting?

You might imagine reclaimed industrial lighting is suited to only one design aesthetic: industrial. While it is true that industrial lighting is the best way to complete an industrial style kitchen or bathroom, the range of styles reclaimed industrial lighting can work with is surprisingly diverse. 'Industrial' refers more to where the lighting was sourced from, rather than its appearance, and reclaimed industrial lighting can come from a variety of places.

A reclaimed industrial light may be a stark, dramatic enamel fitting sourced from a warehouse, perfect for a bold industrial kitchen, or it might be an elegant steel globe from a high end shop, which would be an ideal central fitting in a large, luxurious sitting room. Each light will have its own origins, and its own story to tell. This diversity of style and source can be seen throughout the Vinterior collection. Whichever design speaks to you, know that the light you choose will be totally unique, with its own particular history and character.

One of the best things about reclaimed industrial lighting of any style, is how strong it is. Every piece has been hand selected by the craftsperson; chosen for its durability as much as its visual appeal. In this way, reclaiming lighting guarantees quality, and also makes your home a little greener. This is because repurposing otherwise unwanted materials is the most sustainable way to craft new light fittings, and prevents new metals and enamels from being sourced. Additionally, because little marks and scuffs will usually be left in place in order to preserve the lighting's history, the material undergoes very little treatment, making reclaimed industrial lighting even more environmentally friendly.

Why shop for reclaimed industrial lighting with Vinterior?

As the leading online marketplace for vintage, antique and reclaimed furniture in the UK, we at Vinterior pride ourselves on quality. In our collection you will find recently crafted lighting made from reclaimed materials alongside fittings from decades gone by. Whether the lighting is stark and industrial or delicate Art Deco, the two things every one of our items has in common are one-of-a-kind character and high quality craftsmanship. Despite the size of our range, we are incredibly selective about who we do business with, dealing only with the most reputable designers, sellers and brands, so as to guarantee our customers furniture with both style and substance.

So what are you waiting for? A selection of gorgeous reclaimed industrial lighting is just a click away. Browse through the Vinterior collection today, and prepare to be inspired.

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