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If you ask anyone to name some of the most important pieces of furniture in any home, you can guarantee that tables and chairs will be on that list. Being able to sit at a table together and enjoy a meal or relax in company is a key element of our daily life. Although rattan had been used as a construction material for decorative items and furniture in the east for generations, it wasn’t until the mid-20th century that its potential was recognised in the UK. However, thanks to its durability and visual appeal, it began to be used to make all kinds of items including rattan tables and chairs. Rattan chairs and tables may come in the form of a dining set or a coffee set to be used in a conservatory or garden room. Discover our vintage rattan tables and chairs today, and bring aesthetic elegance to your dining room.

Why choose vintage rattan tables and chairs?

Dining tables and chairs in the form we use them today first emerged in private homes during the late 1700s, although again only the wealth could afford to enjoy such luxury. By the Victorian era, many households had a table with matching chairs, and for middle class families, a matching dining set became a status symbol with its ornate decoration and intricate carving.

It wasn’t until the 20th century, however, that dining chairs and tables in matching sets were found everywhere, and during the 1930s and 40s, rattan tables and chairs became popular in the UK. Of course, you may want a table and chairs for a very different purpose in your home. Whether it’s a casual seating area for a coffee and cake in your conservatory or a relaxation space in a bay window, vintage rattan tables and chairs can be the perfect solution.

Although it’s still possible to buy rattan tables and chairs made by modern manufacturers, many of these are for outdoor use. To enjoy the quality and aesthetic properties of natural rattan tables, choosing to go vintage is undoubtedly the best option. Not only do these pieces have the character, charm and history that only heritage furniture can offer; they are also visually stunning with their distinctive latticework of wood. The colour, shapes and designs may vary but the robustness and quality of their workmanship shines through.

Some rattan tables and chairs may be light in colour while others are darker brown depending on the original colour of the natural material.

The shapes may also vary, with some being geometric in design and others being more unusual shapes. Rattan tables and chairs may also be combined with hardwood for a more formal look that suits a contemporary dining room.

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