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Originally conceived by Thomas Jefferson, the swivel chair came into being in the late 18th century. With its distinctive single central leg which enables the seat to revolve in a full 360 degree circle, swivel chairs have been more commonly seen in offices in the modern day. However, during the mid-20th century, they also went through a period of popularity inside the home. With comfortably padded seats and luxurious upholstery, they could often be found in living rooms in place of the traditional armchair. If you would love to incorporate some rattan style into your home, discover our collection of rattan swivel chairs and capture this retro look today.

Why choose rattan swivel chairs?

While swivel chairs have been made of many materials, from plastic and wood to metal, rattan swivel chairs have a particularly stylish look thanks to the high quality natural materials. Rattan has been used to make furniture for generations in the Far East, but only really made its way into European homes during the 1930s and 1940s. Recognised as being strong and robust while still boasting a delicate and attractive appearance, rattan was used to produce a wide range of furniture from tables and chairs to bed frames and bookcases. It was also used to make all kinds of household items from baskets to magazine racks.

Rattan swivel chairs are typically either be dark brown in colour or a lighter, pale beige shade depending on the natural colour of the raw materials. However, you may also find occasions where the rattan has been painted to add a unique pop of colour to a space. Alternatively, painting rattan swivel chairs in white can help to complement a minimalist theme.

Rattan swivel chairs are often combined with hardwoods for an even more stylish and durable finish. The result is something of a blend of executive office style and comfortable living room furniture. Well padded and luxuriously upholstered in some instances, rattan swivel chairs are perfect in a wide range of indoor environments.

Many rattan swivel chairs have a lower back and wider seat as well as comfortable arms, making for a cosy nest-like place to sit.

The benefits of buying vintage rattan swivel chairs

The majority of modern rattan chairs have been made from synthetic rattan since they are designed for outdoor use. Vintage rattan chairs, meanwhile, are constructed from natural palm rattan, and this gives them a more exotic and natural appearance that is highly desirable.

Thanks to their retro look, they are greatly in demand among all kinds of homeowners who appreciate high quality materials and beautiful design. With one of these gorgeous items, you’ll be bringing heritage and authenticity into your home.

Vintage rattan swivel chairs have their own very unique style and elegance. Immediately conjuring up images of the 20th century office, you can capture this sophisticated and executive look in your own home.

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