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Nothing quite captures the idea of comfort and leisure like a swing chair. Having been designed in their early days to have a futuristic appearance, they now look wonderfully retro – a factor which has led to a resurgence in popularity. Rattan lends itself well to making furniture of this type for several reasons. The first being because of its natural and exotic look, and the second being its strength and resilience – you can sit in rattan swing chairs and never worry about breakage or damage. Explore Vinterior’s gorgeous selection of rattan swing chairs and bring outdoor style inside your home today.

Why choose rattan swing chairs?

Swinging chairs have been around for generations, especially in warm climates where people spend a lot of time outdoors. Yet that also became a trend indoors in the mid-20th century as designers saw the modern potential in bringing something that was so distinctively outdoor into an indoor environment.

The original “egg chair” was introduced in the 1950s, and became a symbol of stylish modernity. The bubble chair and other similar hanging styles followed, either on stands or suspended from the ceiling. Even today, these iconic styles can be found made by modern manufacturers and many are made from rattan.

Many of the rattan swing chairs on our online marketplace have a wonderfully decadent look and feel. Conjuring up images of relaxing outdoors on a hot day with a good book and a cold drink, swing chairs can simply be suspended from the ceiling, however most come complete with a metal supportive stand to hold up the chair.

Although modern rattan swing chairs are designed for outdoor use, vintage pieces were for sitting indoors, often in a porch, conservatory or even living room. The distinctive shape of rattan swing chairs has a similarity to an egg, with a cage-like structure providing a cosy nest to sit in. Designed to be piled high with cushions and blankets, rattan swing chairs can either be in their original natural unpainted state or painted in a stylish colour. Natural rattan can be dark brown, pale beige, or any shade in between, although all are equally strong and resilient.

The benefits of buying vintage rattan swing chairs

Although it is still possible to find modern swing chairs built from rattan today they rarely have the same appeal as a vintage piece. Most modern rattan chairs are made from synthetic materials as they are primarily for outdoor use. Vintage pieces, meanwhile, are made from genuine natural rattan, and have a more exotic and elegant appearance.

Vintage rattan swing chairs are also full of character and retro style. With a decadent and characterful look and feel, they’re a perfect choice for a modern conservatory, bedroom or even living room.

Find rattan swing chairs at Vinterior

Here at Vinterior, we’re proud to bring you a wonderful collection of gorgeous vintage and antique furniture for every room of your home. Whether you’re looking for inspiration for your interior design, or whether you’re looking for something specific to furnish your rooms, you’re sure to find something perfect in our selection. We have beautiful rattan swing chairs that are perfect for your porch, conservatory or living room. Thanks to our nationwide network of reputable sellers, our online marketplace is the place to find all of your vintage and antique furniture. Check out our range of rattan swing chairs that will bring the retro decadence of days gone by into your home.