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Rattan sun loungers are a particularly stylish way to enjoy the sunshine. As a material for making robust, comfortable and eye-catching furniture, rattan became increasingly popular in the 20th century. Whether you plan to use them in a conservatory, sunroom or indeed outside in the garden, discover Vinterior’s rattan sun loungers today so that you can make the most of the sunshine.

Why choose rattan sun loungers?

While modern plastic and rattan sun loungers are available in abundance, they are very different from the vintage alternatives. Modern rattan is usually synthetic and reserved for outdoor use. However, vintage rattan sun loungers are made from genuine palm wood for a much more natural appearance.

The curving lines and aesthetic appeal of a vintage lounger adds a great sense of character and personality to your outdoor space – perfect for any homeowner who wants to put their own personal stamp on their space.

Rattan sun loungers: a brief history

The Romans and Greeks were some of the earliest people known to enjoy their gardens, although their outdoor seating only consisted of stone benches. By the Middle Ages, turf had taken over from stone in popularity, and then during the Renaissance, as gardens became more formal, a need for more comfortable ways to sit outdoors became apparent.

The 19th century saw the arrival of outdoor spaces that were accessible to the general public – public parks and gardens introduced the concept of the park bench – a great improvement over a stone bench, but still not quite the level of comfort that we expect today.

The real changes came when more people moved into homes that had their own gardens. With private outdoor space to enjoy, homeowners began to think about how they could maximise its use. Deck chairs were a popular choice thanks to their portability which meant they could be folded down when not in use.

By the middle of the 20th century, the sun lounger had made its entrance. Originally only found in warmer climates and in the homes of the fashionable and wealthy, they eventually became widespread. Today, there’s scarcely a home out there without at least one sun lounger ready to come into play when the sun shines.

These days, rattan is a common choice for the production of outdoor furniture. However, the latest trend has taken garden furniture in a direction that makes it very similar in size and structure to indoor furniture. Vintage rattan sun loungers have a very different appearance.

Classic rattan sun loungers are much less chunky and blocky than those typically produced from synthetic rattan today. Instead, they have a more sympathetic, ergonomic shape and casual style that makes them a great choice for any garden. Vintage rattan style has a more open structure and curved lines than a contemporary version. Also, whereas modern rattan is dark in colour, vintage rattan may be any shade from pale beige to dark brown depending on its natural look.

Find rattan sun loungers at Vinterior

Here at Vinterior, we want to help homeowners bring the past back to life in their own homes in a stunning and creative way. Our eclectic range of vintage and antique furniture and decorative items are sure to inspire you to add historic touches to your interior décor, and to help you achieve the style you’ve been dreaming of. Check out our rattan sun loungers and enjoy the summer in vintage style!