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If you have never considered a rattan sofa for your home then you could be missing out. Whether it’s a slim and slender two-seater for your conservatory or bay window, or a sturdy hardwood sofa with rattan detailing, there are a number of ways that you can bring vintage rattan sofas into your interior design. Browse the collection here at Vinterior today.

Rattan sofas: the journey so far

Wealthy Romans are famous for reclining on couches, although these resembled a chaise longue rather than the sofas we know today. When it comes to ordinary people, however, the sofa has been a relatively recent addition to the home. In the early days, ordinary families either sat on hard benches, chairs or stools, or even on the floor. It wasn’t until the end of the 1500s that craftsmen in Europe began to revive the idea of bringing the sofa into the home, and even then, only the rich could afford one. Despite a number of intricate and stunning designs, most of the early examples weren’t very comfortable either, being stuffed with moss, hay or horse hair.

During the 19th century, Thomas Chippendale was instrumental in popularising the sofa, and by the early years of the 20th century, most homes had one. This led to a greater demand for practicality and springs were introduced to make for more comfortable seating.

By the middle of the 20th century, sofa designs were becoming more exciting and stylish, and the range of materials being used became more diverse. Rattan was one such material. This natural material from Indonesia is strong and robust while still retaining a stylish appearance. Rattan sofas were seen as perfect for conservatories and casual living rooms, and are still popular today, although they have become synonymous with outdoor use in recent times. Discover Vinterior’s rattan sofas and bring back the retro look today.

Why choose rattan sofas?

Rattan sofas typically have a casual look and are perfect for use in a conservatory or sunroom. With an open cage style design, most rattan sofas have a simple and minimalist appearance, designed to be used with upholstered cushions.

Some, however, are made from rattan combined with hardwoods for a particularly resilient and durable piece of furniture which could be suited to a living room environment or even a kitchen snug. Usually rattan is relatively pale in colour, but rattan sofas can also be painted in other tones to add a pop of colour to a living space.

Sofas made entirely from rattan tend to have curving shapes and sloping arms. However, those that are combined with hardwood often have a more regular, straight edged shape.

Benefits of buying vintage rattan sofas?

Rattan sofas can still be found in abundance on the market today, however these modern pieces aren’t quite the same as their vintage counterparts. Usually, contemporary rattan sofas have been made from synthetic materials rather than natural rattan so that they can be used outdoors. Genuine vintage pieces were designed for indoor use, and therefore have a less industrial look.

Vintage rattan sofas have an exotic and elegant look that is perfect for a conservatory environment. Yet, despite their aesthetically pleasing look, they are surprisingly robust and have stood the test of time. You can be sure that when you buy a vintage rattan sofa, you’re investing in heritage, character and authenticity.

Find rattan sofas at Vinterior

Here at Vinterior we aim to bring vintage and retro style into every room of your home. Whether you are seeking design inspiration from the past or whether you have a clear idea about the look you’re aiming for, it’s our mission to bring you the antique and vintage pieces that you’ve been searching for.

Check out our range of rattan sofas and bring stylish aesthetics into your conservatory.

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