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Planters have been a popular addition to the home for many years. Whether it is outside your front door, framing your porch or in the corner of your conservatory and housing a statement palm, rattan planters can be a stunning option. Explore our range of vintage rattan planters today here at Vinterior.

A brief history of rattan planters

Planters in one form or another have been around for a very long time. Early flowerpots were made from terracotta, with the Romans being among their earliest users. The Romans often used them as window boxes in their tenement-style homes so that they could grow herbs, often for medicinal purposes.

Over the years, different materials have been used to make planters. From beautifully delicate porcelain to strong and sturdy metal, a wide range of planters exist.The Victorians were especially keen to bring extra decorative items into their home. As masters of the ornate, Victorian interior designers created beautifully decorated planters which were introduced to public spaces in the home to draw the eye and add extra visual appeal.

Rattan planters became popular in Europe in the early to middle 20th century. During the 1930s and 1940s, the potential of this natural material was recognised, and the idea of making furniture and decorative items was imported from the Far East where the palms used in rattan grow naturally. A trend for everything rattan arose, and homes across the country were filled with beautiful rattan items from magazine racks to tables and, of course, planters.

Vintage Rattan Planters for Sale

Discover Vinterior’s collection of vintage rattan planters and bring beautiful natural style into any space of your home.

Why choose rattan planters?

Is there anything so quintessentially elegant as a rattan planter? Although you can still buy modern equivalents, you can find a lot more character, personality and style in a vintage version.

Made with longevity in mind, vintage rattan planters are not only exotically beautiful but they are also a wonderfully natural and sturdy way to bring the outdoors indoors. They can also come in a number of different forms. Some are large while others are small; some are designed to be suspended from a stand or the ceiling, while others are made to stand on a flat surface. Rattan planters also come in a range of shapes. They can be round, rectangular or square, and still others come in more unusual shapes.

Rattan planters can also come in a choice of colours depending on the original tone of the natural material. While some are darker brown, others are closer to a pale beige, so you’re sure to find one that complements your interior décor.

While some are made entirely from rattan, others are combined with other materials such as wood or metal for a unique appearance and even greater durability.

With a range of different styles of rattan planter available, you can opt for a more formal style or casual elegance that suits any space in your home. What better way to introduce a sense of your own unique character and stamp your personality on your space?

Find rattan planters at Vinterior

Vinterior is committed to bringing beautiful and inspiring vintage and antique items together to help you create your own sense of style and personality in your home. Our range of beautiful rattan planters are the perfect way to introduce character into any space, from your conservatory to your bedroom. Check out our rattan planters featured on our marketplace and find your inspiration.