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Dining sets are key furniture items in any home. Eating together is one of the most important aspects of family life, and being able to gather around a table at the end of the day has been a feature of human existence since the earliest times. If you are looking to bring a bit of style, heritage and casual elegance to your dining room or eating area, discover Vinterior’s rattan dining sets today.

The road to rattan dining sets

While the Romans were better known for reclining on loungers as they ate their meals, tables and chairs had been introduced by the Middle Ages. Chairs were at first only for the very wealthy with lesser diners sitting on benches, however before too long, families who were lucky enough to be able to afford a dining set were sitting down to eat on matching chairs.

Dining sets as we know them today were particularly in fashion during the 1700s, with wealthier families investing in beautifully matched chairs and tables around which to enjoy their dining experience.

The Victorians took dining sets to new levels, with ornately decorated tables and chairs, and by the time the 20th century came around even most ordinary families could claim to have a dining set in their home – albeit in a more simple and less decorative style.

By the middle of the 20th century, dining sets were widespread, and furniture designers were going to town with their styles. Tables and chairs in different colours, shapes and sizes emerged on the market and today, no dining room would be complete without a stylish dining set.

Rattan dining sets became particularly popular in Europe during the 1930s and 40s when the potential of this natural construction material was recognised. Known for its aesthetically appealing style and its durable nature, rattan furniture became a hot trend. Although rattan furniture can still be found in some places, more often than not it is the synthetic rattan used for garden furniture that dominates 21st century homes.

For the discerning vintage lover this means that the best place to shop for elegant and warming rattan furniture is among the listings of our own website where you will find eye-catching but informal dining sets.

Features of vintage rattan dining sets

Modern rattan dining sets are usually designed for outdoor use. However, in the past, they were for standard use indoors. As a result, their shapes were less industrial and more stylish, exuding the exotic origin of the construction material.

Curving shapes were popular, while the openwork design adds a casual elegance to any space. Many rattan matching chair and table sets were combined with hardwoods for a more formal look and even greater durability. Rattan dining chairs may or may not have arms, and often have legs that are made from metal or wood for a more contemporary feel.

Why buy vintage rattan dining sets?

It’s still possible to buy modern versions of rattan dining sets in stores and online, however there are some distinct differences. Contemporary rattan sets are usually designed for outdoor use, and therefore are made from synthetic rattan rather than the genuine material. This means that they have a less natural appeal.

Vintage rattan dining sets have their own unique character and personality. They can bring a touch of heritage and authenticity into your home, and help you to express your own eclectic tastes. They are also built to last, and represent amazing value for money having already been proven to stand the test of time.

Find rattan dining sets at Vinterior

At Vinterior we are the specialists in beautiful vintage and antique pieces that bring the past back to life in your home. Our range of gorgeous vintage rattan dining sets will inspire you to express your unique sense of style through your interior décor and will add flair to your dining room. Check out our rattan dining sets and dine in vintage style!