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Today, rattan is seeing a resurgence in popularity . . . but it’s predominantly in the garden. Yet in days gone by, rattan was commonly seen inside all rooms of the home. Check Vinterior’s stunning range of rattan beds and French rattan beds today and give your bedroom that extra touch of style.

A bit about rattan furniture

Rattan furniture has been in existence in the Far East for centuries. Originally exported from Indonesia where it grows naturally, it became a popular construction material for making all kinds of household furnishings and items.

Rattan is a plant in the palm family and has shares many similarities with vine and bamboo, but its inner core is strong and solid, unlike the hollowness of the latter. Very robust and resilient, this makes it an ideal choice for furniture like beds which need to be used regularly.

Some of the earliest items to be made from rattan in the West were basket chairs, but when their popularity was recognised, rattan began to move into the other rooms, too. During the 1930s and 40s, many more items were made out of rattan – including beds. Among the best exponents of the rattan bed were the French, with designers incorporating the rattan mesh within an ornate and often very detailed frame. In grand bedrooms that demanded a statement bed, having these features incorporated into the headboard had an impressive visual impact.

The distinctive features of rattan beds

Similar to bamboo, rattan has a distinctive and exotic appearance. While they may have their look in common, rattan is much more durable and stronger than bamboo, and this makes it a perfect choice for making everyday furniture such as beds.

Rattan beds appear in several sizes and shapes. Some are very similar to day beds, while others are standard doubles or singles. French rattan beds are especially elegant, with a higher headboard and lower footboard. Many of the examples of these pieces for sale on our online marketplace have been painted white or light shades for a brighter, airy feel.

Other rattan beds retain their natural colouring and many have an exotic appearance with unusual shaped frames, curving headboards and elegant legs.

Are vintage rattan beds and French beds for you?

Thanks to their exotic look and rustic feel, a natural rattan bed frame or a white painted rattan French bed is a great way to bring unique style into any boudoir. Since rattan beds are beautifully crafted without compromising on durability, they’ll last many years without being broken or damaged.

When you choose vintage rattan beds and French beds, you can bring character and heritage into the heart of your home. You can enjoy the beauty of their fine design, but also their strength and sturdiness.

Find rattan beds at Vinterior

As specialists in vintage and antique furniture and decorative items, here at Vinterior we’ve made it our aim to inspire homeowners and to encourage you to bring heritage and character into every room of your home. Thanks to our stunning range of eclectic rattan items, you’re sure to find something beautiful for every room of your home, courtesy of our nationwide network of independent sellers and boutiques. Explore our range of rattan beds and French beds today and sleep in style.