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Don’t let your walls fade into the background; give them the attention they deserve with a statement wallpaper that really turns head. Bold and striking, a good wallpaper can be the highlight of any decor. A connection with the planet and world around us is a very contemporary theme but there are a surprising amount of vintage styles which incorporate this too. Rainforest wallpaper is a great example of this, complementing modern decor but adding a retro twist. At Vinterior we’ve got both furniture and wallpaper in vintage and antique styles so if you’re looking for a bit of inspiration from the past, just check out our online marketplace.

What is rainforest wallpaper?

If you are more familiar with plain, painted walls or wallpaper in a floral theme you might not have seen the striking rainforest wallpaper designs which are available. They’re a great way to add instant interest to a tired decor and inject a splash of colour and personality.

Rainforest wallpaper doesn’t refer to just a single pattern and there is a wide array of different styles to embrace. These range between bright and bold and those which are subtler, so you can pick the look which appeals to your personal taste. Bold imagery includes strong colours of palm leaf prints, a tropical jungle design or the iconic banana leaf print. For a look that’s even more eclectic, look for wallpaper or wall murals that depict an animal scene with elephants, tigers and other exotic creatures adorning the design.

If you prefer a more muted style of decor, don’t write off rainforest wallpaper as there are some wonderfully vintage looks which could suit you perfectly. Linwood is just one of the designers of some beautiful rainforest patterns which are soft, gentle and appealing to fans of floral patterns.

Using rainforest wallpaper in your home

There are lots of ways to use rainforest wallpaper in your home, either as an accent or part of a wider jungle-style theme.

If you prefer a minimalist theme, use the wallpaper as an accent feature against a neutral decor with plain coloured sofas and furniture. This won’t be overwhelming but will provide a colourful backdrop which complements the rest of the decor.

If you’re happy to max out on the rainforest vibe, you can really let your wild side loose. You won’t want patterns that clash and jar with each other, but if you’re careful it’s possible to create a calming cacophony of colour which will make the room a true delight. Think ornaments and statues which complement the theme such as parrots, elephants and birds. Contrasting prints on the wall, rugs, cushions, curtains and plants can all help to enhance the rainforest theme.

The rainforest theme usually means coloured wallpaper, either in bright or muted tones of green but there are monochrome styles available too. If you prefer to keep colour to a minimum but still want to engage with the jungle look, this can offer an alternative that’s got one foot in retro and the other in modern day style.

Go exploring with Vinterior

At Vinterior there are a wonderful choice of rainforest inspired furniture and wallpaper so you’ll never be short on inspiration. From bold palm prints to subtle, muted colours, our tropical and rainforest wallpapers are fresh and fascinating. Take a look at our listings today and discover the perfect patterns for your home.