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If you have ever stared out the circular windows on a ship, you’ll have an appreciation of the style and character of the porthole aesthetic. Fusing mirrors with upcycled parts of a ship, porthole mirrors are the ultimate accessory for the home. With each mirror arriving with its own history and story to tell, these designs offer a fascinating depth to your decor. At Vinterior we have a broad array of porthole mirrors, both large and small. Browse through our online marketplace today and you’ll discover some wonderful pieces that could soon be hanging in your home.

The beauty of vintage porthole mirrors

Porthole mirrors are the very essence of vintage upcycling, taking part of a ship which has travelled over the ocean for many miles and reinventing it as a mirror. Here at Vinterior you can find many examples of genuine ship’s portholes that have been converted into interesting and attractive mirrors.

Portholes are built to endure some of the toughest conditions which means they have an almost industrial look. Tough metals and rivets add an interesting dimension to your decor when combined with the glamour of a mirrored surface. Available in a range of sizes you may find a home for a porthole in a number of different spots in your house.

Of course, being eco-friendly and looking after the planet means looking to new and interesting sources for furniture design. Upcycling creates some of the most fascinating pieces of furniture and home decor, and each has its own personal history and backstory. If only home accessories could speak!

Using porthole mirrors in your home decor

Porthole mirrors come in a variety of sizes, relating to the type of porthole which has been used to create the design. Surprisingly, not all porthole mirrors are circular; you’ll also find rectangular and square mirrors.

The finish on the porthole mirrors can vary significantly too; if you’re looking for an authentic appearance, opt for a distressed or aged design. There are many portholes which are deliberately not altered to look new again; these fit in well with shabby chic decor and farmhouse style too. In contrast, some porthole mirrors have been completely renovated to provide a finish which is simply flawless.

Porthole mirrors can be popular in bars and restaurants because of their robust design and appealing design. However they can be put to just as good use in your home too and with their durability, can be an excellent investment.

This style of mirror is particularly suited to a bathroom and if you pair it with a nautical theme, the overall effect can be stunning. You don’t need to go wild with a total refit but a few key pieces can pull the design together. Look for items which feature shells, starfish or anchors; these are classic nautical pieces that will complement the mirror well. You could also pair your mirror with accessories that feature rope, another nod to the sea-faring design of your room.

A nautical themed bathroom can be extremely stylish, as you don’t need to go overboard on getting everything in place! Just a few essential pieces such as a porthole mirror and you’ll have a nautical bathroom in next to no time!

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At Vinterior we’ve got a fascinating collection of vintage porthole mirrors, available in a range of different sizes and styles. Check out our online marketplace today.