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Pink sofas

Blush, nude, rose – whatever you want to call it, pink is one of the most daring and delightful colours in all of interior design. From feature walls to floral arrangements, a splash of pink can bring some much needed fun and excitement to any interior space, helping your home stand out for all the right reasons.

This is particularly true when you decide to introduce pink tones through your seating. A vintage pink sofa is one of the most exciting and decadent interior investments you can make, and you’ll find a huge selection of stunningly unique pink sofas right here at Vinterior. Explore our collection today and see for yourself.

Why choose a vintage pink sofa?

Pink is the colour of passion, fun, excitement, frivolity and imagination. It’s a colour that reminds us not to take life too seriously, and enjoy every single moment so that it doesn’t pass us by. This is why pink furniture is such a fantastic addition to any home – not only does it make our homes look better, but it also makes us feel better too.The sofa is one of the most important pieces of furniture in any living space, and while choosing a pink sofa may seem like a bold choice, it can instantly give your home a fun and slightly abstract feel which is hugely endearing.

Introducing pink into your living room brings an uplifting quality to the space which, when combined with the comfort of a high quality vintage sofa, can help to reenergise during the day and offer a cosy sanctuary in the evening light.

What to look for in a pre-loved pink sofa

You’ll find plenty of vintage pink sofa designs here at Vinterior, spanning across continents and time periods. For a more modern and contemporary feel, consider a mid-century design with clean lines, simple silhouettes and metallic detailing on the legs. There are also corner sofas and sectionals that can help add to this modern feel.

Alternatively, earlier 20th century designs can inject your living room with a sense of elegance, reminiscent of the roaring 20s and the golden age of cocktail parties and art deco designs. Look for elements like scalloped backrests and plush velvet upholstery to make the most of this look. For a truly ornate and decorative feel, look to designs hailing from Napoleonic France, with high button backs and curved armrests that hark back to manor houses and grand balls.

Pretty in pink: incorporating period pink sofas into your home

There are plenty of ways to introduce pink into your living room. Use your vintage pink sofa as your starting point and use it to inspire the rest of your living area, with additions such as rosy floral displays, blush-coloured scatter cushions or even a pink feature wall. You can even introduce an antique pink sofa in the master bedroom or in the hallway in order to create a delightful little nook outside of your living room. Wherever you decide to place your vintage pink sofa, it’s sure to bring that something special to your home.

Why shop for pink sofas at Vinterior?

Vinterior is the number one marketplace on the web for unique and characterful home additions. Within our extensive collection of thousands of pieces, you’ll find everything from vintage, antique and artisan furniture to new, contemporary and upcycled designs. We offer a constantly evolving collection of items from a range of trusted sellers, meaning you’re sure to find what you’re looking for. This includes a huge array of vintage pink sofas to choose from, so get familiar with our collection today and discover your perfect home addition.