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We use bedside tables every day without even thinking about them. As consequence, we often overlook just how important they can be from a stylistic point of view. Our bedside tables can all too easily become overshadowed by the focus we place on our bed design, but there is so much our bedside tables can provide when we open our eyes to their aesthetic possibilities. Bedside tables give our bedrooms symmetry, focus and style, all while possessing a very clear and useful function. Choosing an attractive material like pine can add a delightful homey vibe to a space, so enjoy exploring the extensive range of pine bedside tables here at Vinterior.

Why choose pine bedside tables?

Pine is known for its warm and welcoming appearance. As a soft wood with a golden tinge, pine features an attractive grain that’s accessible to every and any space in the home, whether modern or traditional. The dark grains and knots are unique to each piece of pine, creating a truly individual home addition which, due to its neutral home, can be easily blended with other furniture pieces, wallpapers and colour combinations. It’s also highly durable, making perfect for a family home that sees a lot of use.

Another key advantage of pine is its customisable nature. Being a soft wood means that pine can be easily carved out, and is very suitable for staining, painting, varnishing and general customisation, helping to make this unique wood even more individual.

All of these advantages and more present themselves when you choose pine bedside tables. Bedside tables tend to possess a supportive design quality, complementing the overall look and feel of your bedroom without overpowering the effect. The versatile nature of pine lends itself perfectly to this.

Introducing pine bedside tables into your bedroom

Pine bedside tables can be both dynamic and diverse, which is ideal for the modern bedroom setting. Pine is also the perfect material for those looking to create a shabby chic style, which celebrates luxury with an unrefined edge. Classic three-drawer cabinets in pine can give your bedroom the feeling of a cosy country cottage, while more antique tables of 19th origin use typically gothic elements to give any bedroom a true feeling of grandeur.

Pine can be sturdy yet delicate, lending itself to both industrial bedside tables with metallic features and more ornate pieces with tender customisation. Georgian cabinets mix wood grain and white for a simple yet effective look, while more modern models may feature elements like open shelving and hairpin legs for a sleek feel.

Many of the pine bedside tables you’ll find in our collection have also been reclaimed or upcycled, meaning they have been lovingly customised into one-of-a-kind creations. Bright colours, unique forms and striking silhouettes will show you just how exciting the humble bedside table can be. This is particularly impactful if you want to add an accent colour to an otherwise calm and neutral bedroom environment.

Pine bedside tables: why shop with Vinterior?

There’s no better place to hunt down pine bedside table designs than Vinterior. With literally thousands of unique furniture items in our collection, we offer everything from vintage and antique furniture to upcycled, contemporary and even bespoke pieces. At Vinterior, you’ll discover premium furniture that tells a story, with its own distinctive character to enjoy.

If you are looking to get inspired by stunning bedside tables, you are in the right place. Explore the Vinterior collection today.