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The Persian rug is an iconic statement piece that has been in our homes for a long time. Despite its long and colourful history, Persian rugs are still popular choices in the homes of today, with many using these beautiful pieces to decorate the floors of their living spaces, bedrooms and dining areas. As a specialist provider of antique and vintage furniture and furnishings, our Persian rugs are a vital part of our collection. Here at Vinterior, we feature a range of patterns and designs to bring this centuries-old home décor accessory to life in your home. Find out more about our Persian rugs by browsing our unique and growing collection today.

Why choose Persian carpet

The tradition of carpet weaving in Iran – a country known as the birthplace of the Persian rug – goes back more than 2,500 years. The art form first started out in the makeshift homes of nomadic tribespeople who used the handmade Persian rugs to protect themselves from cold and damp.

Our Persian rugs certainly add a touch of elegance and luxury to the home. Whether opting for one of our simpler designs or investing in a rarer, more intricately decorated piece, Persian carpet has the ability to transform rooms big and small all on its own. In addition to the practical reasons that make Persian rugs great investments – limited noise, improved comfort, reduced allergies and guaranteed floor protection come as standard for instance – the feel of this particular rug type is second to none.

Traditionally spun using sheep’s wool, Persian carpet provides a quality and durability that many modern rugs simply don’t deliver. Our stunning Persian carpet designs also bring sophistication and depth to the home, with these stylish additions able to harmonise entire spaces with their balancing and stylish aesthetics.

Incorporating an antique Persian rug into your home

Decorating with an antique Persian rug is simple with the right interior design knowledge. Choosing the perfect colour and style for your space is a great place to begin. There are countless Persian rug designs to choose from, whilst the size of antique Persian rug you opt for can also make it better suited to some spaces than others. Slimmer, runner style Persian rugs for example look great in hallways and entryways. Larger Persian rugs can be positioned under coffee tables and dining sets to create a stunning furniture arrangement.

While our antique Persian rugs are available in numerous shades and styles, our blue Persian rugs are particularly popular. Among our listings you may find our blue and grey Persian style vintage rug, which may not be an antique but has the handwoven design that guarantees authenticity within any setting. Like this and other blue Persian rugs in our collection, classic shades of blue provide a subtle pop of colour that looks great in contemporary schemes.

Why shop for modern Persian rugs with Vinterior?

Our Persian rugs offer an excellent, authentic aesthetic that looks great in any interior design scheme. As well as showcasing a variety of vintage and antique Persian rugs, with many sporting the shabby chic wear and tear that’s consistent with age, we also feature modern Persian rugs as part of our collection. Just like our vintage and antique designs, our modern Persian rugs provide the sophistication and elegance to style both modern and traditional settings ensuring a striking blend that’s new, exciting and utterly captivating.

Shop our classic and contemporary Persian rug designs today for inspiration and ideas.

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