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It’s amazing just how much the right lighting can transform an interior setting. We spend so much time choosing the right colour palette, selecting the right furniture and planning the right layout that we often forget about the sheer amount of power lighting holds when it comes to interior design. The kind, colour, positioning and level of lighting can all change an environment for better or worse, so it’s important to make sure you are selecting a stylish and suitable option – and you can’t get more stylish than pendant lighting. Discover the extensive range of pendant light shades here at Vinterior.

Why choose pendant light shades?

Homeowners and interior designers alike are discovering that pendant lighting is a fantastic way to bring a little drama and focus into a space through lighting. Pendant lights provide a unique atmosphere with a room, creating pools of light that draw the attention to a specific area or feature. This kind of lighting, as well as being characterful, is also versatile. The effect of these soft pools of light can appear modern and contemporary or traditional and nostalgic depending on the shades you choose for your home.

Harsh lighting is frequently listed as one of the least appealing features in interior design, and this is never a danger when it comes to pendant lights. People are often more comfortable in settings lit with pendant lighting because of the softer glow they give out.

Introducing pendant light shades into your home

The pendant light shades you choose will have a direct impact on the effect your lighting has on your home. More intricate antique designs can give off a similar vibe to an ornate chandelier, bringing a level of elegance and decadence befitting the courts of King Louis XIV to any dining room.

Early 20th century pendant light shades are among the most popular designs, thanks to their iconic use of stained glass, geometric designs and floral flourishes. Celebrated brands like Tiffany are known for their colourful light shades and the way they create a relaxing, inviting ambience while also being a statement design element in their own right. As design moved into the 1920s and 30s, the Art Deco style meant that many more designers were creating pieces like this, allowing homes to be lit in a range of tones. These designs fit perfectly in a cosy living room or relaxing bedroom. Meanwhile, mid-century designs take classic elements like china and glass and create uniquely fresh designs that are perfectly suited to hallways.

More modern pendant light shades incorporate metallic elements like copper and bronze for a more industrial feel, working perfectly over a kitchen bar.

Pendant light shades: why shop with Vinterior?

With so many pendant light shade designs to choose from, it’s comforting to know that you can explore them all in one place from the comfort of your own home. That place is, of course, Vinterior. We are the leading online marketplace for antique, vintage, retro and artisan lighting and furniture, featuring thousands of individual pieces in our collection, each with their own character and story to tell.

Our range of premium home additions ranges throughout history, from antique and vintage pieces all the way to contemporary and even bespoke designs. So discover just how versatile and exciting pendant light shades can be by browsing the Vinterior collection today.