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Wing chairs are a fantastic way to add a touch of elegance and style into any room, and that is certainly the case when shopping for Parker Knoll wing chairs. Historically, these chairs were designed to provide comfortable protection from the draughtss and breezes that were present in older houses, but now they can be a fantastic statement piece for your home. Perfect for cosying up in after a long day, a wing chair can make the perfect addition to a living room, snug or even the corner of a study. They may have been first introduced to England back in the 1600s, but since then the design of the chairs has changed and evolved to become what it is today. Browse our collection of Parker Knoll wing chairs today and see how these stunning pieces of furniture can enhance your home design.

A brief history of wingback chairs

Wingback chairs date back as far as the 16th century although they really arrived on the scene in a major way in the following century. Although their silhouette is rather commanding and majestic, there’s a very practical reason why they’re shaped the way they are.

Although you may think that wingback chairs got their distinctive style as a form of headrest for those times when you may wish to nap in your chair. And in a sense, you would be right. But the reasoning behind wingback chair design actually goes further than this. In actual fact, these chairs came into being with their distinctive shape to stop cold draughts from hitting the upper body. If you were lucky enough to be near a blazing fire, the wings also stopped the full force of the intense heat from hitting you in the face.

The transition of wingback chairs from draught excluder and fireguard to luxurious and extravagent chair didn’t really occur until the 18th century; since then the designs gradually grew more opulent and decorative. There’s now a real variety of vintage wingback chairs, some of which are wonderfully intricate and suit a sophisticated setting.

Parker Knoll wingback chairs: coupling tradition with comfort

Parker Knoll are strongly associated with mid-century furniture, offering designs that were classically sculpted with a traditional appearance. This suited the wingback shape to perfection; a marriage made in heaven.

Every piece of Parker Knoll furniture is made with flawless attention to detail, and this created a long line of wingback chairs that were both striking and built to last. The vintage market has some beautiful examples of chairs from the mid-20th century which have really stood the test of time.

If you browse through Vinterior, you’ll find that some of the wingback chairs from Parker Knoll have been reupholstered. This provides the opportunity to enjoy bolder and more contemporary prints with the same quality wooden structure underneath. However, there are still many chairs available which have their original fabric or leather. Indeed, a worn leather wingback chair works beatifully in shabby chic and industrial room settings.

The style and colour of wingback chair you choose depends on not just your personal preference, but the decor in your home. If you favour a modern and cleaner look, opt for neutral colours in a simple wingback style. For rooms that have classic antique furniture or a sophisticated decor, opt for a more decorative design.

Wingback chairs also work well in bedrooms, and particularly complement a glamorous French style. If you’ve got a fireplace in your boudoir, you can use a wingback chair to quite stunning effect.

Parker Knoll wingback chairs: find your perfect match on Vinterior

At Vinterior you’ll find a whole world of vintage and antique furniture just waiting to be explored. Whether you’re just looking for a single statement piece or looking to transform your entire room, Vinterior has everything you need. Take a look through our online marketplace today and let yourself be inspired.

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