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No matter how little you know about furniture, the name Parker Knoll will be familiar to you. Parker Knoll brand is a truly iconic British brand which has been in existence for a century and a half, going from strength to strength thanks to the high quality of its pieces.

Parker Knoll statesman chairs: what to look for

Parker Knoll furniture has quality as its hallmark. Traditional design paired with innovative technology has meant that Parker Knoll statesman chairs are still incredibly popular today.

Statesman chairs have a particularly iconic look. Bringing the office into the home for the first time, they were highly fashionable when introduced during the late 1960s and continue to look equally stylish today.

Distinguished by their high back and swivel base, these chairs look equally good in a home office or in the living room, and its pedestal base is its defining feature – representing a status symbol of its time. Originally constructed to be a “man’s chair”, today women everywhere are equally happy to cosy up in it thanks to its incredible comfort.

The history of Parker Knoll

The company was first set up during the 1860s under the name Parker Furniture. The brand’s motivation was to create fine pieces that harnessed the latest innovations, and even from its earliest days it was leading the way in the industry. After the First World War, one of the Parker family met a German ex-fighter pilot by the name of Willi Knoll and the brand’s future was set. Knoll had lasting memories of the uncomfortable experience of his aeroplane seat and used his experience as inspiration to create incredibly comfortable sprung seating, which was a new invention in the 1930s.

Surviving through another World War, Parker Knoll emerged into the 1950s stronger than ever, and it was during the 1960s and 70s that their Statesman chair made its dramatic entrance. Taking its inspiration from office seating, the executive chair was brought into living rooms around the country as homeowners longed to add a touch of sophistication to their homes.

Parker Knoll is thriving today, and is still one of the top British furniture companies. Browse the Vinterior website and discover our impressive array of beautiful of vintage Parker Knoll statesman chairs, designed to bring traditional sophistication to your living room or home office.

Why choose a Parker Knoll statesman chair?

The Parker Knoll furniture brand remains popular today, and while you could go and purchase a new piece of furniture from their range, it is also well worth considering a vintage piece that comes with its own rich history.

Made with the best quality materials, a vintage piece has already stood the test of time and will last for many more years as your room’s key talking point. A genuine piece will also be a truly eye-catching addition to your home, brining its own authenticity and history with it. Whether for your home office or by your fireside, its iconic shape and style will help you express your own flair.

Here at Vinterior, we feature listings from sellers around the UK – many of whom specialise in the very best vintage pieces from the mid-20th century. You will regularly find Parker Knoll chairs for sale on our online marketplace, allowing you to shop in one place for the furniture that will add style and sophistication to your room.

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