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Parker Knoll is a trusted name within British furniture, having originally started out in Victorian times with cabinet-making and upholstery. Over the decades, and indeed the centuries, Parker Knoll has produced many desirable and much-loved pieces of furniture. Yet there are arguably none more relaxing and nostalgic than the rocking chair. Homely, reassuring and comfortable yet infinitely stylish, too, it’s a vintage piece that adds a touch of class to any room. Here at Vinterior we love rocking chairs, and Parker Knoll are amongst the best. Take a look at our online marketplace to find rocking chairs and other vintage furniture from Parker Knoll.

The beauty of Parker Knoll rocking chairs

Rocking chairs were originally found in gardens but their comfort and practical function meant that by the 18th century, they’d found their way indoors. That’s exactly where they’ve stayed ever since. A very traditional type of chair, rocking chairs can be used in many settings around the home.

If you’ve had children, you might have enjoyed the benefit of a rocking chair in their nursery. Night feeds and afternoon naps are made infinitely more peaceful with the gentle back-and-forth action of a rocking chair. Whether it’s calming a crying baby or easing them back to sleep, a rocking chair can be invaluable in a nursery. If you have a rustic decor, a rocking chair in a large kitchen can create a really cosy vibe. There are also plenty of other places to locate a rocking chair around the home, including out on the porch if you have one.

While there are many examples of vintage rocking chairs, Parker Knoll is a name that resonates with high quality you can trust. Just like the brand’s other furniture, Parker Knoll rocking chairs are the epitome of style combined with master craftsmanship. There are a selection of styles available so you can choose the rocking chair that you like the most. Some are kept very simple with a very basic frame while others feature more intricate carving and spindles.

Deep cushioning helps to make the chair still more comfortable; particularly if you’re expecting to be sitting in for a long time while nursing, watching TV or reading a book. A solid premium wood such as mahogany is another key component to look out for, providing reassurance that your chair is strong and sturdy. All of Parker Knoll’s furniture uses top of the range materials, such as specially selected woods and timber which are won’t easily splinter.

Discover vintage Parker Knoll rocking chairs

Here at Vinterior you will find many vintage Parker Knoll chairs, typically made from stained beech. And alongside those well-preserved pieces that have stood the test of time admirably, you will also find many refurbished options with refreshed upholstery. While these are often in muted tones of grey, green and blue to enhance the sense of relaxation and calm, others can be found in brighter block or patterned colours. These items work beautifully in a living room in need of an accent colour or perhaps even in a sparsely decorated conservatory or orangery where a rocking chair is needed to become a focal point. However you wish to position your Parker Knoll rocking chair, browse through our marketplace to find the perfect piece for you.

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