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Even those who know very little about furniture will have heard of Parker Knoll. One of the most iconic brands in the industry, Parker Knoll has been around for almost 150 years. The brand’s pieces have all the hallmarks of quality and are as desirable (if not more) today than they were when they were first produced. First established in 1869 as Parker furniture, the brand was inspired by a desire to create innovative fine furniture. When one of the Parker family met Willi Knoll, a German ex-fighter pilot, the brand’s future was assured, with the advent of luxurious spring furniture – an innovation inspired by Knoll’s uncomfortable experience of sitting in his aeroplane during the war! The Parker Knoll brand went from strength to strength, surviving through another World War when their factory was temporarily called into use to help manufacture aircraft. The 1950s were a key time for Parker Knoll, and their Cromwell Norton recliner was the latest in technological innovation. These chairs are still incredibly popular today thanks to their iconic style and impressive construction. Here on the Vinterior website you’ll find an impressive array of beautiful vintage Parker Knoll recliner chairs that will look wonderful at any fireside.

Parker Knoll recliner chairs: what to look for

Parker Knoll furniture is the last word in high quality British furniture manufacture. With a traditional appearance compared with innovative technology that was leading the way in its day, the vintage pieces from this range are still highly sought after for their strong construction and timeless elegance.

Even today, the Parker Knoll brand is still focused on using high quality materials to produce strong and sturdy frames together with comfortable foam seating and luxurious coverings. Contemporary pieces from the Parker Knoll range still emulate the traditional style of antique and vintage pieces, with the same classic high back shape and full recline that makes sitting in one of these chairs such a pleasure.

While some pieces have comfortable padded arms, others feature wooden arms that have a particularly pleasing retro appearance, but all are timelessly stylish and look wonderful in any home. However, if you are a fan of a pared back living room and are looking for a statement piece to elevate your interior design, a Parker Knoll recliner would be particularly well suited to you.

Is it worth buying vintage Parker Knoll recliner chairs?

The Parker Knoll brand is still going strong today. As a result, it is possible to buy both vintage and new recliner chairs right here at Vinterior. Whether you prefer to invest in a piece with a rich history or would like your chair to be brand new, the result will nevertheless be an eye-catching and high quality recliner for your home.

Why buy vintage with Vinterior?

Bringing authenticity, heritage and history into your space, a pre-loved Parker Knoll recliner promises to add flair to your fireside or perhaps the corner of your study. In some cases our trusted sellers have reupholstered recliners in a range of interesting and on-trend fabrics, allowing you to complement or contrast your home colour scheme and create the finish you desire.

Discover our Parker Knoll collection today and get vintage inspiration for your home from among our beautiful selection of original furniture.