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Beginning in 1869 with a cabinet-maker, and then an upholsterer, the name of Parker Knoll evolved from a long line of quality furniture makers. Representing the very best of craftsmanship in Britain, Parker Knoll furniture become known for its flawless quality and innovation. Here at Vinterior we’ve got some of the most eye-catching vintage and contemporary Parker Knoll furniture in a range of styles and colours. Browse through our online catalogue and discover for yourself why this designer is still such a hit.

Parker Knoll furniture: the success of a Victorian furniture firm

With its roots in Victorian times, Parker Knoll became one of the most established furniture makers of the 1930s in Britain. And although luxury furniture production took a back seat during the Second World War, the brand’s influence grew further in the 1950s and 60s.

With their upholstery knowledge and expertise, Parker Knoll focused on producing luxurious and stylish sofas and chairs. Despite having a range of different models for customers to choose from, Parker Knoll had a distinctive style which was instantly recognisable.The furniture company became so prestigious that in 1932 they were chosen to furnish the new BBC headquarters, just one indication of their popularity. The first furniture company to advertise nationwide, Parker Knoll combined traditional and classic design with a hint of contemporary cool.

Each of the products in the Parker Knoll collection was designed to be aspirational yet affordable, a way to add an instant dash of luxury to any room in the house. Whether its a suite in the living room, a recliner in the lounge or the leather executive chair for the study, every piece of furniture made a statement.

Classic styling of Parker Knoll furniture

At Vinterior we carry a great selection of Parker Knoll furniture, with chairs both in their original fabrics as well as those which have been upcycled and reupholstered. Whether you are looking for a chair with its original vintage fabric, or a more modern refurbishment, there’s no end of choice.

Some of the Parker Knoll chairs are more likely to have been upcycled than others, especially the low-slung, armless style. If you’re looking for authentic craftsmanship but with a funky twist, this offers the perfect marriage of the two.

However, you’ll also find an enormous number of Parker Knoll chairs in their original condition too, proudly showing off the leather, moleskin, brocade and other vintage materials used. If your home is decorated in a vintage theme, these chairs will make the perfect fit.

Some of the most famous models from Parker Knoll include the rocking chair, the recliner and the wingback. Classic and traditional, all of these chairs offer understated elegance with just a hint of modern design. Sticking to their roots, Parker Knoll furniture used time-honoured techniques to produce a range of furniture that was nevertheless progressive in terms of comfort technologies and ergonomics.

Discover vintage Parker Knoll furniture at Vinterior

Here at Vinterior we pride ourselves on our extensive range of antique, heritage and vintage furniture. And our collection of vintage and contemporary Parker Knoll furniture is unrivalled. From wingback chairs to easy chairs, you’ll find the perfect seating to suit your decor.

Although nowhere near as prolific in producing other types of furniture as they were with sofas and chairs, there are some examples to be found. From cabinets to teak tables, Parker Knoll’s trademark attention to high quality and workmanship is clearly visible in all.

Browse through our online marketplace today to find some of the stunning vintage designs from Parker Knoll. Whether you’re looking for a spot of inspiration or ready to refurbish your home, you’ll find plenty to look through.

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