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One of the most important things when you are purchasing furniture is knowing that the item you are buying has come from a place where quality was at the front of the designer’s mind. Without this knowledge you have no idea whether the item in question has been built to last and if it is a good purchase or not. Luckily, in the world of seating there is one name that really stands out, and this is why we recommend taking a closer look through the collection of Parker Knoll chairs available here at Vinterior. A respected name in the furniture trade for over 100 years, you will find an impressive array of vintage and contemporary seating solutions here on our website.

Why choose Parker Knoll chairs?

The name Parker Knoll is synonymous with quality and history for many people across the United Kingdom. This company has existed now for over 140 years, and with this comes a wealth of experience and a desire to truly make furniture that will stand the test of time. Originally run by the Parker family alone, it was after the First World War that a member of the Parker family met former German pilot Willi Knoll and together came up with the idea of spring seating for added comfort and impressive durability.

Any chairs that have been made by Parker Knoll have been made to last, and by combining years of furniture making expertise with a host of groundbreaking design ideas, the Parker Knoll collection has always been able to provide buyers with style and comfort. This is as applicable in the brand’s statesman chairs and winged armchairs as it is in the company’s rocking chairs.

Incorporating Parker Knoll chairs in your home

If you love Scandinavian style you don’t necessarily need to look to Danish or Swedish designers to achieve a pared back but shapely look with your chairs. The Compton chair from Parker Knoll is a stunning Scandi inspired chair that is low and wide, built on a sturdy beech frame. Whether you choose to purchase one with original upholstery or a recovered piece in a bold colour, this chair is well suited to the corner of a living room, study or even in a large hallway.

Need a piece of furniture that will stand loud and proud, helping you to elevate the look of your living area? We have an eye-catching collection of re-upholstered 945/7 Mk2 chairs in our listings, each with a truly unique and arresting fabric. Buy one of these pieces and you can be confident that none of your house guests will have anything quite like it.

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