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The coffee table is one of the staples of great living room design. We use this simple piece of furniture every day, whether to rest drinks, rest books or to simply rest our feet, and in the process we often forget its importance from a design point of view. Opting for a unique reclaimed table is a great way to ensure you never forget how stylish it a coffee table can be. A coffee table derived from upcycled pallet is a quirky way to introduce a piece into your home that’s sure to catch the eye and spark conversation. Discover an extensive and exciting range of pallet coffee tables right here at Vinterior.

Why choose a pallet coffee table?

Reclaimed and upcycled wood furniture offers something truly unique. Having had a past life in a completely different setting, reclaimed wood brings bags of character to your living room, office or even a cosy corner. While a warehouse pallet may be neither aesthetically pleasing nor intensively designed in its first incarnation, there is something charming about transforming it beautifully into a striking home addition. A pallet table is a show of workmanship and ingenuity, which gives it a personality that a purpose-built coffee table simply cannot. The knots, markings and eccentricities found on reclaimed wood reveals its history, and it’s this uniqueness which makes it so popular with both modern and traditional interior settings today.

From a practical standpoint, pallet coffee tables are both durable and sustainable. Pallets which have withstood years of commercial use are more than capable of withstanding daily use in a residential setting. What’s more, choosing reclaimed pieces makes your home a greener place, as you are effectively reducing demand for new pieces to be made and new trees to be cut down.

Introducing pallet coffee tables into your home

A pallet coffee table can come in many shapes and sizes, depending on its original appearance and the way it has been manufactured into a new piece. The boards of the table are often sanded back to a smooth finish without reducing the individual character of the wood grain, then paired with steel bar legs to bring a striking contrast of materials which is highly evocative of industrial furniture design. Additions such as clear powder coating ensures that the piece does not succumb to rust.

Pallet coffee tables can fit into many different places in the home. The most obvious setting is of course the living room. Try pairing your pallet coffee table with a range of other industrial features for a truly defined aesthetic, such as exposed brickwork, leather seating and hardwood floors. Alternatively, a pallet coffee table can act as a statement piece in an otherwise neutral setting, be it a living room or even an entrance hall in place of a console table.

Pallet coffee tables: why shop with Vinterior?

Many of the pallet coffee tables you’ll find at Vinterior can be tailored in terms of size to suit your individual needs. Every pallet coffee table in our collection is lovingly crafted and completely unique, reflecting our sellers’ dedication to high quality furniture that tells a story.

Reclaimed furniture isn’t all we do. You’ll also discover a wide range of vintage, antique, retro, mid-century and modern items in our range of many thousands of pieces. So whatever it is your home needs, find it at Vinterior.