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If you want to make a bold statement in your living room, an overmantle mirror is the perfect way to achieve this. A focal point which complements the rest of your decor, it’s essential to find the right piece. Vintage overmantle mirrors are an excellent choice as you can be sure that your selection will be unique. You won’t find it in all the homes along your street and it allows you to express your personality through your decor in inimitable style. Here at Vinterior we’ve got a great selection of vintage overmantle mirrors for all styles and tastes. Check out our online marketplace to discover your favourite designs.

Why choose antique or vintage overmantel mirrors?

Overmantel mirrors are a feature of many homes but they didn’t become commonplace until the 19th century as mirrored glass became a must-have accessory for the home. Large and impressive, overmantel mirrors are intended to be a noticeable piece of decor that commands attention – and there is no better way to do this than by choosing a heritage piece that possesses genuine character and charm. While modern pieces can serve a similar function, a pre-loved piece has a much greater ability to give your room personality.

Like many mirrors, overmantel mirrors were made in various styles throughout the ages providing plenty of options for individuals looking for antique or retro designs. This means you have the option of choosing a design which works best with your decor. As they became popular in Victorian times, it’s perhaps not surprising that there are some stunning examples of overmantel mirrors from this era. While you will find many examples of mirrors wooden frames – often in mahogany, walnut or teak – there were many other materials used in mirror designs during the late 19th century. Search our listings carefully and you may well find examples made with bamboo frames, or even more delicate, slender options with a bevelled edge. For true opulence look out for those with gilt frames featuring ornate designs such as foliage scrolls.

Art Deco, Nouveau, Vintage & French Style Over Mantle Mirrorrs on Sale

For a different type of ostentation, why not look to the Art Deco designs of the early 20th century? Or if you prefer to bring light and space to your room with greater subtlety, perhaps look to the pared back options of the mid-20th century – Danish designs in teak may be particularly appealing.

As they hang over the fireplace, overmantel mirrors tend to reflect the lighting back into the room. Therefore, they can work particularly well if you opt for statement lighting, such as a chandeliers, or candle-stick style.

Victorian Gothic is a darker style that suits studies or atmospheric dining rooms, adding an almost masculine touch. In direct contrast is Rococo, romantic and elegant, offering intricate decoration and feminine swirls. Gilt was also popular during this era and provides an alternative to the highly-detailed designs; you can also find aged gilt mirrors which complement a shabby chic theme to perfection.

Shop for heritage and new overmantel mirrors with Vinterior

You’ll find there’s no shortage of overmantel mirrors at Vinterior with a great selection in all styles. Whether it’s a statement piece for your bedroom or a large mirror for above your living room fireplace, an overmantel mirror adds a pleasing touch.

While we love all things antique and vintage, we do also feature stunning designs from contemporary designers and expert craftspeople who have created beautiful and unique artisan pieces. Take a look at our online catalogue today and find the perfect overmantel mirror for your home.