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Your chosen rug design can influence your wider interior design scheme no end. With a range of styles, shades and shapes to choose from however, picking a design that suits you can be a real challenge. Here at Vinterior, we feature a diverse selection of rug designs from varying eras and of varying styles to connect you with the stunning home accessories you’ve been searching for. With vintage and antique charm, character and quality coming as standard throughout our range, finding a decorative style is simple. Our Oriental rugs are best sellers, and for good reason, with vintage, antique and even contemporary fans loving the beauty, elegance and interest that this particular rug type brings to any interior.

Why choose oriental rugs?

Oriental rugs are carpets that have been hand knotted in Asia. You’ll see oriental designs originating from Iran, China, India, Russia, Turkey, Pakistan, Tibet and Nepal all included in our range. While thicker in pile, a Persian rug is a type of Oriental rug made in Iran. Whether opting for a Persian or Oriental rug, these stunning pieces represent a long history of carpet weaving and an equally as intricate and intriguing backstory. Explore our exciting range of Oriental rugs today and discover the beautiful vintage and antique designs to complete your interior look.

Despite their long history, Oriental rugs unlock a number of plus points in modern homes. Oriental rugs last a lifetime, which means your Oriental rug investment will always be a great one. In fact, Oriental rugs often increase in value the older they get, with those over 100 years of age highly sought-after and valuable.

Our hand knotted Oriental rug designs are also extremely easy to care for, and can be gently washed by hand at home or professionally washed for a similarly stunning result. Despite having a shorter pile than other vintage and antique rug types, Oriental rugs are soft to the touch, maintaining their plushness over time thanks to the use of the very best materials. The most luxurious Oriental rugs are made from wool or silk blends which result in some truly incredible textures.

Incorporating Oriental rugs into your home

In addition to offering a practicality, ease and quality that many rug designs don’t provide these days, Oriental rugs are very beautiful to look at. Many are woven by hand, with the carefully designed and intricately patterned rugs more unique than machine-made varieties.

Our collection of Oriental rugs provides plenty of food for thought, particularly if you want your design to be as characterful as the space you wish to create. Among our listings you may find a handmade Chinese silk rug. Look out for handmade designs of birds on a blossoming tree or similarly idyllic scenes that you can guarantee will make a stunning addition to any home. Whatever pattern you go for, you can rest assured that these high quality, characterful rugs will always be in style.

Why shop for Oriental rugs with Vinterior?

We love Oriental rugs, not just because they look great but because they are full of the history we admire as proud purveyors of all things vintage and antique. Unlike modern and mass produced rugs, Oriental rugs have the charm, character and backstory that only comes with age. Continue the story of one of our Oriental rugs within your home by shopping our extensive collection today.

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