Old Tupton Ware

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When you are furnishing your home, the smaller accessories are just as important as the larger pieces. Pottery, ceramics and other pieces of decor combine to express your personality and add a splash of colour. Old Tupton Ware pottery and ceramics provide striking quality and handprinted designs. Each piece is made with painstaking detail and the end result is nothing short of magnificent. At Vinterior, we love quality home decor and have a collection of Old Tupton Ware and other ceramics available. Take a look at our online catalogue and browse through to get inspiration for your own home.

The beauty of Old Tupton Ware

Ceramics and pottery are evergreen home accessories that suit all styles of decor. However, Old Tupton Ware is a class apart with a meticulous process from beginning to end that ensures every piece is flawless.

Starting life as liquid clay, each item is moulded and dried before being manually finished and smoothed. An elegant design is then drawn onto the piece. Once the image is complete, the craftsperson then takes a bag of soft clay, in a similar style to icing a cake. Using this bag of clay, they trace over the outline of the design, creating a raised impression. This is the most critical part as any weakness or gap would cause the whole piece to fall apart. Once the moulding is complete, the design is handpainted before being glazed and fired for around 8 hours.

Only the most skilled crafters get the chance to work with Old Tupton Ware, and the knowledge that every piece has been carefully made by hand makes it extra special.

Using Old Tupton Ware ceramics in your decor

Once you’ve purchased a piece of Old Tupton Ware, the next consideration is how best to incorporate it into your home. The rich colours and intricate designs certainly deserve to be seen rather than hidden away in a cupboard. If you are a huge fan of ceramics you might be inclined to go crazy and purchase all you can get your hands on, but when it comes to home decor, a little goes a long way. Putting too many ceramics out on display in an disorganised way can make the room seem cluttered and small.

Often it is possible to achieve a far more striking effect if you opt for one large statement piece and make sure it has the space around it to get attention. Placing ceramics on a shelf that’s already crammed full may make it difficult to make the kind of statement you would like. If you have lots of ceramics, an alternative is to create a mini-installation in your home by purposefully grouping them together.

Ceramics can work with both vintage and contemporary decor to great effect. If you have a shabby chic or farmhouse style, feel free to load up a dresser with various styles for a rustic look. For a more contemporary style, pair ceramics against a block colour background and provide plenty of space between each piece.

Style up your decor with Vinterior

At Vinterior we’ve got an impressive array of ceramics and other home decor accessories. If you’ve ever heard the saying, “the devil is in the detail” you’ll appreciate the wide variety that’s available, including Old Tupton Ware. Take a look at our online catalogue today and discover the styles that could transform your home.