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Beautiful and elegant, the wooden dressing table has been a bedroom staple for centuries. Now, discover beautiful antique and vintage dressing tables and more at our online marketplace, and bring a touch of heritage charm to your interior look. Whether you are looking for a simple upcycled chest of drawers style dresser, a sleek mid-century statement piece, a quirky Art Deco unit, or a marble-topped French antique dressing table, you’ll find one wood that crops up time and time again – and that is oak. The versatility and classic look of oak, and the fact that it is very low maintenance, means that it makes a wonderful choice for furniture, and explains why so many oak pieces survive in perfect condition to this day. Discover a wealth of glorious oak dressing tables from many different periods in history by having a scroll through our online collection today.

The ageless beauty of oak dressing tables

Oak is a classic favourite for furniture makers for several reasons. Firstly, its colour and texture complement almost anything. You can find a piece from early 19th century France, and it will look perfectly at home in either a traditional Victorian house in the country or an uber modern city apartment.

As well as its timeless appeal, oak is a famously low maintenance wood, and only requires a bit of polishing a couple or so times a year. It is also one of the strongest and most durable woods available, and continues to be used to make high quality contemporary furniture.

If you want a beautiful oak dressing table for your bedroom, guest room, dressing room or bathroom, you are in luck: with everything from authentic antique French dressers to mid-century modern Danish-designed cabinets, you’ll find the style and period of dressing table that works perfectly with the look of your room.

If you want a touch of decadent antiquity, choose an 18th century French antique dressing table. Typical features include elaborate carvings and gilting, as well as bronze details and, in some cases, polished marble tops. Or if you’d rather, opt for a rustic and warm Victorian dressing table, often complete with an affixed mirror, or embrace a 1920s chic vibe with an original Art Deco dresser. If this is your preferred style, look for geometric lines and heavily lacquered wood.

Love the minimalist look? Choose a mid-century modern dresser with sleek lines and an emphasis on symmetry: the perfectly simple piece to complement a busy interior look. Whichever style tickles your fancy, you’ll find inspiration aplenty at our online marketplace.

The benefits of buying a vintage dressing table

There are many benefits to buying vintage furniture for your home – the obvious one being its enormous aesthetic charm and character. Beautiful oak dressing tables, chic antique sofas, original Victorian armchairs, carved mahogany bedstead. Each piece from the past offers its own unique story and sense of occasion to even the most minimalist room. This leads on to another benefit: vintage is versatile and thoroughly trend-proof. Furniture and interior fads will come and go but vintage will always look incredible.

The quality of vintage furniture is also another thing to take into account. Built to last and survive years of use, even designed to be passed down from generation to generation, it’s no wonder that so many beautiful pieces of vintage furniture are in impeccable condition and ready to be used in the modern home.

Find vintage dressing tables and more at our online marketplace, and feel instantly inspired to get creative with your space.