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Norman Wilkinson is a man loved by much of the UK population for his winning personality and undeniable talent. Having a regular spot on the hit BBC One’s hit reclamation show Money for Nothing, Norman has made a name for himself and is widely associated with quality unique furniture pieces. Having a reliable name behind a piece of furniture is always a relief when it comes to interior design, providing you with that extra level of security that, yes, the furniture you’re contemplating is high quality. That’s what you get with Norman Wilkinson furniture, and even better, you can find a great selection of Wilkinson originals right here at Vinterior.

Why choose Norman Wilkinson furniture?

Upcycled furniture gives unwanted products a new lease of life, celebrating their history while looking forward to the future. Through creative reuse, commercial or older residential items are transformed into thoroughly modern and individual home additions, all while retaining some of the qualities that reflect their past lives.

Norman Wilkinson is a household name for any fans of upcycled furniture. Having a regular spot on BBC One’s hit reclamation show Made for Nothing, Norman has become a household name thanks to his winning personality and undeniable talent for craftmanship. On the show, Norman takes on a myriad of projects from host Sarah Moore and gives other people’s unwanted items a fresh start as a beautiful and functional piece of furniture.

Introducing Norman Wilkinson furniture into your home

Some of Norman’s creations which have featured on Made for Nothing are available in our collection, including some of his stunning upcycled cabinets. These cabinets range in style, shape and size, taking their influence from a wide variety of design eras.

A darker, more vintage-inspired Wilkinson cabinet can offer a free-standing design which makes it the perfect addition to any dining room setting. Many pieces also feature glass doors which make them ideal for proudly displaying an array of spirits and mixers for guests when they dine. Alternatively, a more homely, rustic piece of Norman Wilkinson furniture can be a great kitchen or bathroom cabinet, or can even make a stylish hallway addition.

Norman Wilkinson furniture: why shop at Vinterior?

Norman Wilkinson furniture is just one example of the unique and characterful upcycled and artisan furniture available at Vinterior. It’s no longer necessary to trawl your local markets in hopes of finding something individual and attractive enough to bring into your home, because now you can browse our marketplace to your heart’s content form the comfort of your own home. In fact, Vinterior is the leading online marketplace for unique furniture, offering many thousands of premium pieces from more than one thousand trusted sellers, celebrated designers and iconic brands.

Nowhere else can you find such a range of pieces all in one place, and you can rest assured that every item in the Vinterior collection really is one of a kind, with its own story to tell.

We sell new, too

At Vinterior, you’ll come across quality vintage, antique, retro, mid-century and upcycled furniture in every style, but you’ll also find many contemporary pieces too. We love new furniture just as much as we love older pieces, which is why you’ll find many contemporary designers like Norman Wilkinson in our collection.

So what are you waiting for? Whether you’re a serious shopper or simply looking to find inspiration, discover just how versatile and unique Norman Wilkinson furniture is by exploring the Vinterior collection today. Who knows? You may even uncover the perfect addition to your home.