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The lighting you choose in your home will have a big influence on your style. While you may think that a lamp is there simply to provide a little illumination, the truth is a lot more complex. Picking the right lampshade, lamp or lighting can lift the decor and bring all the elements together. Moroccan lamps add an exotic touch to any room and can work well with a range of colours and themes. Far more than just a holiday fantasy, you can now bring the mystery and intrigue of Northern Africa into your home. At Vinterior we’ve got a collection of Moroccan-inspired accessories, including lamps. Browse through our range today and find out how you could add a spot of sunshine to your decor.

What is the Moroccan style?

Lying between Africa and Europe, Morocco is a country of intriguing contradictions, infusing everything with a sense of the exotic. Standing at the crossroads between not only North and South, but also East and West, Morocco has a fabulous blend of styles and cultural influences which have been absorbed into the fabric of the country.

The interior of the home is very important in Morocco as the heat of the sun means that people often spend a fair amount of time inside. Rich colours and patterns with luxurious fabrics and textures are commonplace, set against wooden furniture as a contrast. Flooring is typically ceramic, but a wooden floor works just as well for an authentic look. Piles of lavish floor cushions are a must, regardless of the flooring you have.

Traditional Moroccan lighting is atmospheric, and often uses lanterns, lamps and pendant lights to create the right ambience. Carved wood, metal and coloured glass are most commonly used; bright lighting, like fluorescents, are avoided.

Choosing your own Moroccan lamps

In the home you might not be able to go all-out to create a Moroccan theme, but with a few well-placed accessories and the right lighting, you can achieve a lot. A Moroccan lamp can often have a very opulent style with no shortage of gold, brass, brightly decorated ceramics and even coloured glass. Gilding is a popular feature across much of Moroccan design and so you may wish to choose this as a feature in both a table lamp and a wall mirror to give a sense of synergy in a room.

Moroccan lamps can, however, have a more rustic and rudimentary feel, particularly in the woven fibre lamp shades that are often dyed to bright colours. These work beautifully as accent colours on both living room side tables but also in funky bedrooms.

Coloured glass is excellent for creating the right atmosphere so these can be used in rooms where bright light isn’t essential but ambience is. The bedroom is the perfect place to invest in a couple of Moroccan lamps, an easy way to create a sultry mood and send the temperature soaring!

To get the full effect of your Moroccan lamps, investing in some exotic incense will really heighten the mood. Think about warm spicy scents such as cinnamon, saffron or nutmeg and you’ll instantly be transported in your mind to the bustling market places of Marrakech.

Light up your home with Vinterior

We’ve got all kinds of lighting at Vinterior, including Moroccan lamps. If you’re not sure whether this style would work for you why not come and browse through our online catalogue? It’s the perfect place to get ideas and inspiration and if you find something you like, you’ll discover that the prices are very affordable too. Immerse yourself in the beauty of exotic home decor, Moroccan-style.