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Monks Benches

Seating comes in all shapes and sizes, from plush corner sofas to elegant dining chairs. But one of the most unique and eye-catching kinds of seating is undoubtedly the monks bench, with its ability to act as both a bench and a table.

This stunning example of historical seating can bring both character and comfort to any room in your home, or even your outdoor space. With designs dating back decades, antique monks benches are a fantastic way to bring something different into your interior design.

With a huge collection of original monks benches to discover, Vinterior is the perfect place to discover one-of-a-kind furniture for yourself. Get familiar with our collection today.

Choosing an antique monks bench

As well as possessing beautiful wood carvings and ornate details, what makes a monks bench particularly special is the way it’s designed to be both a table and a seat. The top is attached in such a way so that it pivots into a chest lid, meaning that this stunning piece of furniture acts as a seat, table and storage chest all in one.

Throughout history, monks benches were popular when large homes featured rooms with multiple functions, as they allowed the dining table to be swept up and moved aside to allow for increased floorspace.

Period monks benches come in a range of styles, each featuring their own wood designs and elements to make them stand out as completely unique.

Oak Monks Bench

From light beech wood to dark oak, colours, shapes and silhouettes all vary to offer something for every home. So no matter what kind of style you’re looking for, there is a monks bench to suit your décor needs.

What should you look for in a vintage monks bench?

Monks benches are a versatile and dynamic piece of furniture, with endless design options to choose from. The use of materials like solid oak make these a durable choice of seating and storage, with some designs offering a sleek, almost modern feel and others being unashamedly ornate and historical.

Other monks benches in the Vinterior collection have been upcycled by sellers, and therefore combine traditional form with bold colours and quirky design elements. Painted pine options from celebrated brands like Farrow and Ball offer a more modern feel, while a dark oak vintage monks bench dating back to the early 20thcentury can add a sense of historical decadence.

Incorporating a preloved monks bench into your home

A monks bench is a fantastic addition to any home, and any room. They can double as a dining table, or act as a fascinating focal point. You can even introduce a period monks bench into your living room in order to create a seating area with a difference.

The hallway is a great place to introduce a monks bench, as not only can it help you create a little seating nook, but it can also double as a useful storage chest for items like shoes which you don’t necessarily want out on display.

We love new and upcycled monks benches, too

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Monks Benches for Sale

We specialise in all things vintage, artisan and antique, but we also love new and upcycled furniture too, so there really is something for every home here at Vinterior. Explore our collection today and find the perfect monks bench for your home.