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While the term “modernist” furniture seems to imply something mass-produced and contemporary, in fact modernist pieces date back decades and now represent a popular vintage style that many homeowners actively seek out. The Modernism art movement began in early 20th century Europe and continued until the 1950s. Designed as a reaction to the perceived old-fashioned styles of the time, modernist furniture was created as a brand-new aesthetic for a brand-new era. Simplicity and functionality lie at the heart of the modernist furniture movement, and the embracing of new materials such as plastic, moulded plywood and steel made this an exciting time for designers. That excitement shines through in the unique nature of modernist pieces. Explore the Vinterior site and discover modernist furniture that impresses and inspires.

Modernist furniture – functional utilitarian simplicity

During the 19th century, furnishings were elaborate, artistic and dramatic. The modernist movement began as a backlash to the ornamental style which was believed to be impractical and out of date. The emphasis of modernist pieces, then, was heavily on affordability, ease of use and the ability to reproduce items quickly and efficiently.

Modernist furniture is characterised by several key features. Firstly, pieces of the modernist era made full use of the latest manufacturing techniques and cutting-edge materials of the day and this meant a host of new opportunities for designers. Plastic really came to the fore in this era, with steel and plywood also playing a strong role.

Neutral shades were also extremely popular, although black leather was also prominently featured along with chrome, metal and naturally finished wood.

Overall, the effect of modernist furniture is one of undecorated sophistication and soberness. Functionality paired with comfort are the hallmarks of the period and ornaments are noticeable in their absence. So, whether it is a simple glass and tubular chrome coffee table, an adjustable vintage floor lamp or a Marcel Breuer cantilever chair, you can incorporate modernist features into your home with ease, courtesy of Vinterior.

The benefits of buying modernist furniture

Although it is possible to find some pieces with elements of modernist style in today’s furniture stores, the genuine item has a lot more to offer.

A true vintage modernist piece has its own unique style, history and heritage. Of all periods in history, the era of modernist furniture has a particular flair of its own, and the retro vintage look is incredibly popular these days thanks to the authentic feel that it brings to any room.

Although modernist pieces were designed to be affordable and functional, they were also built at a time when furniture was expected to last. Unlike many contemporary replicas of modernist furniture, or pieces which have derived their inspiration from vintage design, true modernist furniture was constructed to stand the test of time and will continue to endure for many more years to come as a stunning focal point of any room in your home.

Find modernist furniture at Vinterior

At Vinterior, we have an amazing selection of modernist furniture that exudes vintage sophistication and elegance. Although designed with functionality in mind, there is no denying that these pieces have a beauty and character all of their own. So, whether you are searching for chairs, tables, sofas or cabinets, you will find the perfect item among Vinterior’s range. Our collection includes many thousands of premium furniture items spanning throughout history, from antiques to contemporary pieces.

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