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Whatever interior design scheme you are opting for, your choice of furniture can make all the difference to how it’s used on a daily basis. Opting for a practical furniture choice, however, doesn’t mean that your desired interior design style has to fall by the wayside. Beautiful to look at and extremely practical, our modern sideboards provide the style and storage you need to make your interior a versatile and useful space. With many of our modern sideboards hailing from the mid-century, introducing a sleek, storage rich furniture option to your home is simple. At Vinterior, we work closely with thousands of independent boutiques, furniture dealers and sellers to bring the very best vintage and reclaimed sideboards direct to you. Here you’ll find the most extensive collection of sideboards both online and off, and with it, the chance to purchase your very own original mid-century, modern sideboard piece. Browse our range today to find the right modern mid-century sideboard for you.

Why choose mid-century modern sideboards?

Before we get into why mid-century modern is the perfect style for your home, we first must appreciate just how fabulous owning a sideboard really is. Many householders overlook sideboard furniture seeing them as a clunky and useless item for the modern day home. This couldn’t be further from the truth. While traditionally the sideboard was used in formal dining rooms to display serving dishes to guests, and to store essential dining room supplies, in the present day, the sideboard has a number of great purposes.

The sideboard has made its way out of the dining room, and into open plan kitchens, hallways, living rooms and bedrooms to unlock excellent storage potential. Wonderful and practical, the sideboard can be used to enhance the beauty of any room. The storage capacity within can also help you uphold and maintain a clean, clutter-free look in the rest of the room. Sideboards are still popularly used in dining rooms, too. Whatever room you are looking to introduce your sideboard to however, the sheer number of styles, trends and sizes to explore means you’re guaranteed to find the perfect piece.

Our mid-century modern sideboards are popular choices for those looking to reap all the rewards of sideboard ownership. Lovers of 1950s and 1960s furniture design have to appreciate that nothing says mid-century like a sleek sideboard from our modern range. Most of our mid-century modern sideboards sport the light wood shades that are synonymous with the era. Using teak, cherry, elm, walnut, maple and other lightly coloured wood varieties as a base, our modern sideboards provide simplicity and style that marries with a variety of modern and retro inspired interior design schemes.

Modern, mid-century sideboard fans can also choose from our lowboard or highboard varieties, both of which provide excellent storage capacity and quality but entirely different design looks. Those looking for the latter design may have found our 1960s cherrywood sideboard among our listings. Featuring slightly inclined and pointy legs, this professionally restored mid-century product screams sophistication, with the highly polished, veneered surfaces typical of the mid-century and iconic, shapely solid wood handles making it a statement piece. Like this piece, many of our modern sideboards have been refurbished to provide them with a new lease of life and the promise of a stylish future for years to come.

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Use our modern sideboards to tell the story of not just mid-century furniture design but of your design choices and tastes by shopping with us today.