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The origins of the chest of drawers is debated among furniture-makers, but it is generally considered to have its roots in the French commodes and dressers of the 18th century. Designed as a convenient alternative to previous chest-like storage solutions, the chest of drawers is today an essential part of the modern home. A compact and practical place to store clothes and other bits and bobs, the modern chest of drawers is an efficient use of space and an attractive addition to both traditional and contemporary homes. When finding a storage solution that works harmoniously with contemporary decor, you may well be drawn towards a mid-century modern chest of drawers. Explore the rich collection of modern chests of drawers and more at our online marketplace and discover a hidden gem to complete your home today.

The modern chest of drawers: a closer look

There are several different styles of modern chest of drawers to choose from. Before you start looking, first give some thought to the rough style, shape and size you need. This will depend on the purpose for which you need the drawers: do you need a large all-in-one storage solution for your clothes, or a smaller piece for a guest room or placing in a hallway? How many drawers are you looking for? And what sorts of materials do you feel will work well with the look of your interior?

Mid-century modern chests of drawers are one of the most popular routes to go down when looking for a piece that is both rich in character and at the same time works well with contemporary themes. The freshness and minimalist vibe of mid-century furniture was born out of necessity: both for practical reasons (the elaborate ornamentation of earlier design movements was no longer appropriate for the modern home) and because the availability of various industrial materials had changed since World War II.

Clean lines and functionality are fundamental to the modern chest of drawers. Look for perfect symmetry and high quality yet simple materials such as treated walnut, teak and oak, with polished and painted wood detail. Much of the mid-century furniture you will find here at Vinterior takes its inspiration from the Danish modern movement, which was focused as much on the needs of the user as on the aesthetic appeal of each piece.

The joy of shopping for mid-century modern furniture

Furniture in the modern home needs to be functional and durable, but that doesn’t mean it has to be dull. Fill your home with unique pieces that bring character and their own unique heritage to your interior look. Why opt for a mass-produced piece of flat pack furniture that all your neighbours have, when you can instead choose a charming piece that is unique to you? Express your personal taste and feel nostalgic with an authentic midcentury chest of drawers in your bedroom, living space or hallway.

Crafted with care, quality modern chest of drawers and other furniture are built to last and won’t easily get damaged when moving them around, so you can enjoy years of use and enjoyment, wherever you live.

Find beautiful modern chest of drawers, as well as a host of other classic, retro, upcycled and reproduction storage solutions at our online marketplace.