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You don’t need to be an expert in Chinese ceramics or even Chinese culture to know that there is something special about Ming vases. As far as Far Eastern antiques go, there are few items considered more precious than these. Discover gorgeous antique Ming Dynasty vases at Vinterior, and bring an element of Eastern luxury to your home.

Characteristics of Ming dynasty vases

When most people think of Chinese porcelain it is the Ming vase that comes to mind. Ming Dynasty vases used quartz, petunse, feldspar and kaolinite in their clay recipe as well as other ingredients like steatite, alabaster, ball clay, glass and bone ash.

The iconic Ming vase is typically in white and blue but these pieces can actually come in a range of different colours, giving you the opportunity to match your antique pottery with a number of different colour schemes. Regardless of colour, however, they are all decoratively glazed. Ming vases also come in several shapes, but a bottle-style design is common. There are often several images depicted on Ming vases, including birds, dragons and flowers.

A bit about the Ming dynasty and its pottery

The Ming Dynasty ruled China from the mid 14th century until the mid 17th century – a time of progress and innovation within both the arts and sciences.

Even people who don’t know much about antiques are still aware of Ming vases, and know of their famed exquisite beauty. Usually blue and white porcelain, when they were made they were highly prized decorative items and today they have retained their value as ornamental pieces for the home.

While blue and white porcelain was already in existence before the Ming era, the style reached its peak at this time, becoming increasingly refined thanks to the new recipe for clay that enabled craftsmen to make thinner vessels than ever before. There was also a new type of glazing which allowed the white colour to be more translucent, ensuring an even glossier finish.

Different vase shapes were also brought into creation at this time, many of which took their inspiration from Islamic art. While blue and white porcelain is the most famous of the Ming era, several pieces had other colours too including bright yellows, greens and reds which were more exotic. The designs in use also were very traditional, including flowers, animals and dragons.

Bringing Ming dynasty vases into your home

Perhaps you have a passion for Chinese art and are keen to collect lots of different examples. Maybe you are eager to invest in a prestigious and desirable work of art to take pride of place in your home and be a focal point your living room or dining room. Or perhaps you are just interested in adding beauty and drama to your mantlepiece, display cabinet or coffee table? Whatever your inspiration, antique Ming Dynasty vases won’t fail to impress.

Exquisitely crafted with character and beauty in mind, even today, their splendour and unique elegance shines through, reflected in artistic craftsmanship and attention to detail. Boasting a flair and personality that no contemporary mass-produced vase bought in an everyday store could supply, a genuine Ming vase will give any room a truly artistic edge.

Find Ming dynasty vases at Vinterior

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