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Working from home is becoming a much more common occurrence in today’s constantly-connected society. This means that it’s more worthwhile than ever to invest in a designated home office. And of course, every home office needs a high quality desk to stand out as a centrepiece – one that brings both a high level of functionality and a sleek design edge which will inspire you throughout the working day. Thankfully, this is exactly what mid-century furniture offers: the perfect combination between function and form. We have an impressive selection of mid-century desks here at Vinterior, manufactured using durable materials like walnut. Discover these incredible designs for yourself by browsing our collection of mid-century walnut desks right here.

Why choose mid-century walnut desks

For much of the 19th and early 20th century, furniture design was focused primarily on creating opulent, ornate and decorative pieces which really made a statement. It wasn’t until the arrival of the mid-century modern movement – inspired by Danish, Scandinavian and German Bauhaus designs – that furniture manufacture switched its focus to an item’s functional capabilities. As such, the mid-century movement was ground breaking for its mantra of form following function. The result of this ethos was the creation of sleek, chic and deceptively simple furniture items that celebrated practicality, durability and quality at every turn. Ornamentation and decoration became minimal, replaced instead with immaculate finishes, clean lines, and slim silhouettes for a thoroughly contemporary feel.

This is certainly the case when it comes to desks designed during the mid-century period. The sleek finish on mid-century desks from designers such as G Plan and Ercol give them an iconic and desirable modern edge, even to the furniture buyer of today. Solid woods like walnut allow for highly durable designs which can withstand daily use without losing any of their charm or character. These elements come together to make mid-century walnut desks a natural centrepiece in any home office.

Introducing a 1950s/1960s mid-century walnut desk into your home

Of course, an office or study is the natural home of a stunning mid-century walnut desk, where it can act as a practical source of inspiration and aesthetic appeal. Try dressing it up with other mid-century pieces, such as lamps and ornaments, for a cohesive feel, or try more traditional items for that vintage writing desk vibe. Leafy plants and colourful artworks never fail to make a good impression if you’d rather create a more laid back, contemporary atmosphere in your study.

Elsewhere in the home, a desk can fit right at home in a living room, dining room, bedroom or even in a hallway reading nook. There really is no end to the possibilities.

Why shop for vintage mid-century walnut desks with Vinterior?

Finding high quality historical furniture was once a difficult undertaking. It meant visiting your local markets or second hand shops in hopes of coming across a hidden gem, with no guarantee that you would find what you were looking for with the style and quality your home deserves. With Vinterior, this is no longer the case. We are the UK’s largest online marketplace for heritage and characterful furniture, featuring many thousands of charming vintage, antique, mid-century, retro, bespoke, artisan, upcycled and contemporary pieces from across time and place. We carefully select our listings from more than one thousand trusted sellers, brands and designers, so no matter what style you prefer you know that with Vinterior you are always investing in character and quality.

If you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind desk to spruce up your home design, there is no better place than right here. Enjoy browsing our collection of mid-century walnut desks from the comfort of your own home and get inspired today.