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There are some pieces of furniture, like the sofa, bed and dining table, that instantly spring to mind when we start thinking about refurnishing our homes. But there are other items which may not be so obvious, and it is these items that can really make the difference in design and take your interior setting to a new level of luxury and uniqueness. One fantastic example of this is the telephone bench. As well as being a practical addition to any hallway or living area this item of furniture can also offer a lot in terms of aesthetic appeal. This is especially true when you consider options from celebrated design periods such as the mid-century modern movement. But don’t just take our word for it, discover a stunning range of mid-century telephone benches for yourself right here at Vinterior, and get inspired.

Why choose mid-century telephone benches?

The mid-century design era hit its peak in the 1950s and 60s amidst a growing demand for reliable, functional and durable furniture designs. After the devastation of two world wars, the ornamental furniture designs of the 19th and early 20th century, gave way to a more restrained, pared-back taste. As much of Europe recovered from austerity and rationing, the mid-century modern design movement chose to celebrate the simplicity of fantastic furniture design, creating sleek, chic pieces which exuded quality in every aspect, from their manufacture to their finish. It is this restrained, smooth finish that has made the mid-century movement such an enduring period of furniture design, with pieces still capturing the hearts and filling the homes of growing numbers of people to this day.

Slim lines, clean finishes and smooth silhouettes define many of the highest quality mid-century pieces, including telephone benches from this period. Telephone benches fit the mid-century mantra of form following function beautifully by bringing together practical use and aesthetic design. Telephone benches are a first line of defence against hallway clutter, providing a plenty of attractive storage for shoes, papers and other odds and ends as well as comfortable seating. The slim, almost geometric designs of mid-century designers like Nathan and G Plan ensure that your telephone bench does all this while also filling your hall with great visual appeal.

Introducing a mid-century telephone bench into your home

A telephone bench’s natural home is in the hallway. In many homes, the hallway falls victim to clutter and daily use and ends up becoming an area with no real purpose; one which people tend to just pass through without second thought. A telephone table allows you to give your hallway a focal point, as well as a place where you can relax and actually enjoy the space. Try pairing your telephone bench with a stunning piece of statement wall art hanging above, as well as leafy houseplants on either side, to really create a designated relaxation zone in the space. If you keep a lot of papers, files and general knick-knacks elsewhere in your home, a telephone bench can also be a great addition to a living room or study.

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