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As a piece of furniture, the word “table” is a fairly broad description for a multi-functional item with a number of different guises in the home. From dining table to side table to coffee table, we use tables in every corner of our home. And with so many functions, the design options are endless. Mid-century tables refer to pieces created between the 1950s and early 1970s and were focused around a more contemporary take on furniture in the post-war era. Characterised by simplicity and clean lines, the tables of the mid-century took over from the ornate and heavy pieces of previous eras. Instead, slender and light teak and rosewood tables became much more common. This style of design was very popular in its day and as such a number of well-known designers and brands became known for producing the classic mid-century “look”. At Vinterior we have an extensive collection of mid-century tables of varying shapes, sizes and functions available on our marketplace. Browse the collection today.

Why choose a mid-century table?

Furniture created in the mid-century boasted a number of unique qualities. Woods such as teak are synonymous with this era and helped to characterize the curved shapes and clean lines so closely associated with this period of design.

With minimal embellishments to break up the strong shape and geometric as well as organic forms, mid-century tables can be used in any type of setting in the home. The accessible and contemporary nature of pieces from the era mean you can use them to display art collections or items of interest to make your home more elegant. Selected coffee and dining tables do come with extra storage space beneath the base to place literature materials for extra organization.

What type of mid-century tables should you look for?

Whether carrying out tasks such as preparing dinner, grabbing a cup of coffee or entertaining guests, there is always a table style to suit the size and shape of the space available. Within our mid-century table collection you will find many elegant dining tables from the likes of G Plan and Ercol – often featuring extending or drop leaf elements. Alternatively, you may find a need for low-slung coffee tables or side table nests. Look out for pieces by the likes of Eero Saarinen for some beautiful and convenient tables.

Shop mid-century tables with Vinterior?

Here at Vinterior champions the unique to create a marketplace resplendent with furniture pieces from brands and designers covering a wide array of styles from popular eras of design. We are a high-quality marketplace where customers can source vintage, antique, mid-century, contemporary and artisan furniture – all under one roof.

We sell new, too

Mid-century design is having a major renaissance at present and as such the styles of the era are being used to influence new and interesting pieces which take inspiration from classic shapes of the past. Using mid-century designs and concepts, designers have developed new methods of creating furniture such as combining natural materials with man-made materials such as plastic, Plexiglas, plywood and Lucite to achieve modern mid-century style for the home.

A new generation of designers are delivering their own take on mid-century tables to create new furniture inspired by the past. We have a range of newer pieces on our online marketplace ready to bring some colour and style into your home.

Browse our marketplace to see the collection of unique mid-century tables we have available and how you can use them to bring statement charm and elegance to your home for personal style with a twist.