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Storage is key to any attractive and well-functioning household. It’s inevitable that in the tasks and events of daily life, we somehow acquire endless amounts of stuff that fills our homes and makes it harder than ever to achieve that showhome sense of chic. With the right storage, clutter stops getting in the way of great design, but the right storage shouldn’t just be a practical investment – it can be an interior design statement in itself. This is certainly the case when you invest in a mid-century sideboard, using designs that are at once on-trend and timeless to fill your home with practical aesthetic appeal. See the magic for yourself by exploring the stunning collection of mid-century modern sideboards available from Vinterior.

Why choose mid century sideboards?

For anyone looking for furniture that is both attractive and functional, there is no better era of design than the mid-century. The mid-century modern movement explored the notion of form following function, moving away from the unapologetically ornate and decorative pieces of the 19th century. Instead, the focus became the actual purpose of the item, and its design followed this idea by remaining deceptively simple with clean lines, sleek finishes and slim legs. This presents an overall feel of utter chicness, perfectly balancing the twin benefits of historical charm and forward thinking modern appeal.

This approach is perfectly showcased in the mid-century sideboard, as storage from this period fulfils the need of actually possessing enough room to tidy away clutter. But more than this, the high quality manufacture and design behind each piece makes it a practical and irresistible addition to any home. Sleek crisp structures in honeyed shades of teak or rosewood add focus and elegance to the room, made popular by Danish and Scandinavian mid century designers as well as British makes such as Jentique and Ercol.

Introducing mid-century modern sideboards into your home

Thanks to the diversity of mid-century furniture design, it’s no challenge to fit a stunning piece into your home design. The sleek use of solid wood is a signature feature of this period, helping piexes blend into even the most traditional or modern surroundings, while still creating their own impact. Mid-century modern sideboards can work beautifully in place of a dresser in the bedroom, offering surface space for mirrors, lights and cosmetics. Alternatively, a sleek Scandinavian design in the hallway will help your home make that all-important first impression with friends and guests.

In the dining room, a sharp edged design with metallic detailing from the likes of G Plan will add a heightened sense of luxury, while also providing much needed storage space for keeping your dining area calm and uncluttered.

Why shop for mid-century sideboards with Vinterior?

Here at Vinterior we have a large collection of modern mid-century sideboards, as well as plenty of other lounge and dining furniture to complement your choice and exquisitely furnish your space. Every one of our many thousands of listings comes from trusted partners and celebrated designers. We include everything from mid-century furniture to vintage, antique, retro, upcycled and even contemporary pieces, each with their own character, charm and story to tell. Get inspired and discover the perfect sideboard for your home today by exploring the Vinterior collection. You can search safe in the knowledge that there’s nowhere better to find vintage and characterful items of furniture.