Mid Century Side Chairs

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Side chairs are particularly interesting pieces of furniture. Set aside from your regular chairs and everyday seating options – such as your dining chairs and sofas – side chairs need to be flexible and eye-catching. Some people prefer their side chairs to be stackable and easy to store out of the way so that additional seating can be provided quickly and easily at a dinner party or large gathering. Others prefer to locate side chairs in hallways or in the corner of a living room, using them less as seats and more as part of the overall décor. Whether you want side chairs to help people rest their legs or are simply looking for an upholstered sculpture to adorn your home, there are plenty of mid-century options available here at Vinterior. Browse the range now.

Why choose mid-century side chairs?

Mid-century side chairs are among the most functional pieces of furniture that you can have in your home. Looking for a versatile piece that represents the traditional as well as the modern world? These chairs are perfectly created to add flavour to the dining or living room.

Often, side chairs lack arms and are made to carry a maximum of one person at a time. Most side chairs have an upholstered back and seat but what sets the mid-century side chairs apart from the rest is the solid frame which comes with different designs. If you are looking to change the look and feel of your house, a side chair with a wide frame or a fun fabric can add energy to a space that may otherwise feel sparse and characterless. Typically, a side chair is an item of furniture you can afford to be a bit bolder than perhaps you would be with your dining chairs.

Although commonly used in the dining room, hallway or living room, side chairs can also be used in areas such as the bathroom to break the cold feel of tiles and other waterproof surfaces. All-wood and metal options are preferable here, as upholstery can, of course, be damaged by splashes of water and moist air.

Putting a mid-century side chair in a unused corner of your living room together with a lamp can help transform a boring space to a your most preferred reading corner, while a hallway chair can be a place to rest while you tie your shoelaces.

Ready to invest?

Mid-century side chairs have many uses in the modern home and at Vinterior we have a large range to choose from. With more than a thousand sellers featured on our online marketplace, you can find a piece that is not just functional but will continue to add value to your home for many years to come.

A flat-pack chair from your local high street shop may be a cheap and easy short-term solution but we believe that investing in a piece that you will continue to cherish long into the future is always preferable in your home. After all, it is the little details and those individual statement pieces that ultimately make the difference between an average interior design and one that is truly special.

Browse our website now and discover how you can add a relaxed and modern feel to your home with a mid-century side chair.

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