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Shelving is more than just a practical addition to your home. Yes, they can keep items safely off the floor and conserve space elsewhere, but they may also act as showpieces to enhance the look of your home. After all, many shelves and shelving units are kept at eyeline, so isn’t it important that both the shelves and the ornaments you place on them, serve to enhance the aesthetic of your home – be it in the living room, hallway, kitchen or bedroom? If your idea of style is to bring a vintage look to your interior design, then look no further than our collection of mid-century shelving here at Vinterior.

Choosing mid-century shelving

Shelving is often overlooked in the modern home. But with space at a premium, it is wise to think about how well positioned and carefully chosen shelving can work for you and your family. In particular, wall mounted mid-century shelving is a great option, space saving and endlessly practical.

Here at Vinterior we showcase a broad and interesting range of mid-century shelving units bringing you all the very best of 20th-century design. If you are looking for a piece of furniture that is multi-purpose then the crisp clean lines of our Danish shelves are well worth considering. Commonly in honeyed teak or rosewood, these shelving units often combine a useful cupboard and are perfect for living areas to both hide clutter and display carefully selected and cherished items. Some pieces combine a desk or a drinks cabinet. These pieces are eternally practical and work particularly well in hallways and even bedrooms.

Take, for example, a wall-hung 1960s unit in teak from Poul Cadovius. This piece contains not only open ended shelves but also an overhead cabinet – great for storing linens in a minimalist bedroom. Alternatively, you can find many examples of freestanding rosewood shelving units and bookcases, which are ideal for lining the walls of your living room or home office.

String shelving was a Scandinavian idea developed by Nils Strinning – in 1949 and it has retained an enduring popularity ever since. This type of wall shelving screams vintage and is indicative of the power of simplicity in interior design. Take a closer look at our extensive range of string shelving now.

For a strong, modern look, Vinterior has glass shelving which can be a focal point in any room with an almost gallery feel about it; open glass shelving does not have to be tucked to one side but can be centrally located and walked around. Similarly, open teak shelving units can be used as a room divider in open plan spaces. If you are fortunate enough to have a large, kitchen–diner–living space then partitioning areas of the room with shelving units and bookcases can be a great way to give shape and structure to your room.

Love the industrial look? There are plenty of vintage mid-century shelves styled in this way, too. Ladder shelving, either painted or teak and metal, can liven up a study as well as being truly functional. Alternatively, opt for a book carousel, which not only adds a fascinating sculptural element to a living room, study or bedroom but can also add life and movement to it. After all, who could resist just giving it a twirl, a petite piece and a perfect way to display your treasured books.

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