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A rocking chair is the kind of timeless item of furniture that never goes out of style. It is a piece which evokes memories of comfort, country style and quiet time spent within the home. Although it is most closely associated with a baby’s nursery to help rock a child to sleep, it is also frequently used within a lounge or living room or as a more statement decorative chair within the home. The rocking chair is a piece of furniture designed with relaxation in mind. The traditional Victorian-era style wooden rocking chair has been revisited and revamped over the centuries to update the design for new audiences in line with popular trends of the day. The mid-century rocking chair is one such reinvention and at Vinterior we have a selection of different styles available for you to choose from.

Why choose mid-century rocking chairs

The first type of rocking chair more closely associated with modern styles dates back to North America during the 18th century. Throughout this period, rocking chairs were mainly used outdoors and were just simple chairs with attached rockers at the base for whiling away the evenings with the family. There are, however, other reports that identify rocking chairs in existence as early as the 1700s.

In the mid-century, the rocking chair became a popular addition to the home and was transformed from an ordinary chair attached to rockers to what we see in the market today.

Mid-century rocking chairs offer a very sleek and timeless aesthetic. Although the principal function is comfort they come in a variety of styles to make a statement and elevate the look of your social space. A number of highly acclaimed designers made coveted mid-century rocking chairs and the colours of the pieces range from earthy colours to brighter hues more likely to suit any kind of interior décor.

Mid-century rocking chairs range in style from the popular bamboo style to Kvadrat rockers, hand painted pieces and teal rocking chairs as well as selected pieces from the Italian mid-century designers and the always in demand rattan. Choose a rocking chair without upholstery and you can add an almost sculptural element to your home – whether it is a piece by Illum Wikkelso or a Hans Wagner Danish rocking chair in beech. Or if you do want something that screams comfort and invites you to sink into it with a good book, why not look to a more recent Guideo Faleschini Italian armchair – perhaps more influenced by the Hollywood Regency movement than the minimalist one.

Why buy mid-century rocking chairs from Vinterior?

If you are looking for a stylish touch to your home, we have a piece that will work for you. Our rocking chairs come in a wide variety of different sizes, shapes and styles that are typical of the classic mid-century aesthetic so popular amongst interior designers today.

We not only have rocking chairs but a whole range of vintage, antique and new furniture on our marketplace. You can choose from hundreds of different designer and brands by browsing our listings with new pieces added constantly.

If you are looking for that stylish rocking chair to really complete your home, you will find everything you need from our range of authentic mid-century furniture. We champion the unique to ensure that our customers can bring original pieces into their home to suit their own individual taste. Browse our listings now.