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When decorating the bedroom, many people spend time choosing the right bed and forget that the nightstand is also an important part of the bedroom. It adds charm and style to any boudoir, as well as being a very functional addition. The furniture created in the mid-century era was so elegant and durable that its style has become iconic and highly desirable amongst discerning interior designers and homeowners today. Mid-century nightstands are available in different styles and designs that allow you to test out your creativity when arranging your bedroom. We have a collection of them here at Vinterior, so start your search today and bring a touch of mid-century flair to your bedroom.

Why you should choose a mid-century nightstand

Mid-century furniture is incredibly functional and undeniably beautiful, featuring well-defined lines, organic curves and often utilising the natural patina of exposed wood to create interest.

Furniture in this era also involved the mixing of organic materials with synthetic materials such as plastics. Creating nightstands out of woods such as oak and rosewood and adding the man-made materials gave the furniture a unique appearance that hadn’t been seen previously in furniture manufacture. This also increases the durability of the furniture enabling it to last for generations without obvious signs of wear and tear.

The blend of the traditional and modern materials also leads to the creation of furniture pieces with added interest – vivid colours and contrasting textures. The use of bold colors in your bedroom can help to break monotony, creating an accent piece at your bedside. If you are looking to create a dramatic effect in your bedroom, choose a mid-century nightstand with a pop of colour and it will create the effect that you desire.

Benefits of mid-century nightstands

Mid-century nightstands make life more convenient by allowing you to meet different needs all at once. They are built with a number of useful drawers to make life easier. This also enables you to keep your bedroom organised and gives you a space to put away precious possessions. It’s a great place to pop a bedside lamp, your evening reading, a jewellery box and a stem vase with a pretty flower in it. This certainly helps to boost the beauty around your bed. In this way, the nightstand becomes more than simply a functional piece of furniture, also acting as an accessory to decorate your bedroom.

If you are looking for something to tie your bedroom together, a mid-century nightstand will complete the sophisticated look you crave by adding a touch of elegance. Buy a matching pair of mid-century nightstands, or if you’re feeling adventurous, mismatch a couple of different models. You can find one that suits you, and one that fits with your partner’s style for a mischievous, updated take on mid-century interior style.

Why shop for mid-century nightstands at Vinterior?

Vinterior is an online antique and vintage marketplace. We stock a wide variety of quality and unique furniture from over one thousand trusted sellers, meaning we have a fantastic range of mid-century nightstands for you to browse. We also feature new designers and brands from all over the world to ensure that you have access to even more exciting variations. So, whether you are looking for a pair of 1950s bedside tables or an upcycled nightstand painted in this season’s must-have shade, you’ll be able to find it here.