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The Vinterior marketplace is an Aladdin’s cave of rare and unique furniture finds for the interior enthusiast looking for something different. Our furniture treasures take in some of the most well-known furniture designers and brands from the past few centuries as well as key designs and popular trends of today. One of the most thriving trends in interior design is the desire for mid-century items to complement retro-style interiors or a contemporary space. The mid-century modern sofa is central to this trend to add comfort and character to your living room with the clean lines and unfussy designs of the 1950s and 1960s. Check out the broad selection of mid-century modern sofas currently being offered here at Vinterior and get a feel for how these beautiful pieces could add to your home.

Mid-century modern sofa features

‘Mid-century’ and ‘modern’ may seem contradictory terms at first but they perfectly describe how mid-century furniture is viewed by interior specialists. The aesthetic of mid-century furniture was born out of the post-war drive to embrace more simplistic design and cast off the heavy, ornate styles which had characterised the darker furniture of the early 20th century. The result was the clean, curved and more simplistic style which came to characterise the mid-century era.

Mid-century modern sofas are diverse in design but are predominately made from wood or chrome. The seating aspect is usually leather, velvet or upholstery. The materials can come in many colours including neutral but there was a push towards bolder colours in certain styles. Despite the spectrum of colours used, mid-century sofa designs are often monotone and rarely feature patterns or complex details to showcase the sleek and clean aesthetics that add subtle charm and character.

An original mid-century modern sofa being sold via our marketplace may show signs of subtle ageing but the seller will make you aware of any imperfections. However, original furniture showing signs of previous use doesn’t have to be deemed unsightly but can be signs of authenticity to add to their overall character. In fact, if you are looking to incorporate a mid-century modern sofa within a shabby chic interior design it may even be desirable.

Mid-century modern sofas: get the style

A sofa is a key piece of furniture in your living space. It is the central focus in the room which all other decorative elements must work alongside. With a mid-century modern sofa there are a range of colours and styles to choose from which when combined with their subtle minimalist aesthetics can become seamless additions to almost any type of interior decorative theme. Part of the enduring popularity of mid-century furniture is the flexibility of many of the original designs to work within almost any style of interior décor.

These are unique items that can lift a living space from ordinary to exceptional with the careful addition of a sofa. For contemporary styling in a retro space, why not take a look at Danish designs to bring a cool, sophisticated but subtle feel to your living area. The Nordic revolution in mid-century furniture produced some of the most unique and valued pieces of the era with some original pieces treated like modern art in the current market and selling for considerable sums.

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If you wish you were relaxing on a mid-century modern sofa then browse the Vinterior marketplace today and see for yourself the eclectic range of original pieces available. With thousands of listings to choose from, you are in the best place to find the perfect sofa for you.