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A sideboard is an undeniably important piece of furniture in any home. Not only is it an attractive statement piece, but the right sideboard should also provide you with plenty of storage space for keeping household clutter at bay, as well as surface space for arranging the items you actually want to have out on display. When you shop for mid-century options, you get all this and more. The convenience and style of a mid-century modern sideboard will be a welcome addition to any living space, dining room or hallway. These beautiful pieces maintain a level of elegance that is second to none. See the magic for yourself by checking out our current mid-century modern sideboard listings right here at Vinterior and get inspired to transform your home.

Why choose mid-century modern sideboards?

Identifying mid-century modern furniture is easy when you know what to look for – namely quality, simplicity, chicness and function. Sideboards from this era can come in a range of different shapes and sizes, but all of them have these desirable traits in common. Big mid-century designers like G Plan and Ercol use solid woods like teak and rosewood to create durable items, often left to bare their natural grain, or else painted in a singular neutral colour. The wood itself is always strong and durable. Mid-century modern sideboards also feature straight edges, slight organic curves and very little artificial ornamentation. Instead, they celebrate the beauty of simplicity. They’re often very sleek and minimalist without ostentation. These sideboards were built for purpose and offer a lot of storage that you can put to good use.

If you choose to buy mid-century modern sideboards you can look at your purchase as an environmentally-friendly decision. Picking furniture already in circulation is a form of recycling. Instead of adding to the demand for new products, which drain natural resources, you can buy pre-owned pieces that help to keep the carbon footprint of your home to a minimum.

Introducing a mid-century modern sideboard into your home

Mid-century modern furniture has the dual benefit of both making a statement and feeling right at home in almost any interior setting. This is thanks to the simply chic and sleek designs which feel at once both modern and nostalgic for the endless optimism of the mid-century design era. A sideboard from this era is a great addition to a hallway, offering a statement piece that you can dress up while also offering plenty of storage space for shoes, papers and other things which can all too easily clutter the space. Alternatively, a sideboard makes for a luxury addition to the dining room, or works wonderfully as an alternative to a dresser in the bedroom.

Find mid-century modern sideboards right here at Vinterior

As the leading online marketplace for heritage and unique furniture solutions, Vinterior is the best place on the web to discover stunning mid-century modern sideboards from the comfort of your own home. We offer many thousands of furniture items from across time and place, including vintage, antique, retro, contemporary, upcycled, bespoke and of course mid-century furniture, so there is sure to be something to inspire you in our characterful and premium listings. Browse our collection today and find the perfect sideboard for your home.